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MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 12 e-version v6.5.4.2

Magix Movie Editor Cracked | 93.93 MB

A choice of edit screen modes and professional, yet easy-to-use, features make it a snap for anyone to transform raw video footage into impressive movies. Make cuts, build special effects and 3D transitions, and create your own soundtracks.
An integrated CD & DVD authoring utility makes it easy to create animated chapter menus, like those seen on DVD videos, and record your memories onto CD & DVD.

• NEW! Add humorous touch to scenes
• NEW! FREE video website
• NEW! MAGIX smart design
• NEW! HD discs incl. DVD menu
• and much more

Features :
Supports videos with Dolby® Digital sound
The all-around solution for High Definition videos
Showcase your videos in HD quality or in Flash® format for playback on the Internet
Creates video discs in high-resolution HD-DVD video format
Reads video DVDs from DVD camcorders and recorders
100% liquid cutting and arranging
Automatically generated background music
"Magnetic" objects and new decorative elements
Thematic intros & outros
Burn analog recordings to video DVD in realtime
Thematic 3D fade series
Universal file burn module for disc copies, project backups, and much more.
Smart rendering for videos as well with AC3 sound
Audio mixer with real-time automation
Removes overloading and distortions
New, high-quality DVD menu templates
New thematic DVD menu templates (4:3 and HD 16:9)
Directly manage any MAGIX Online Album
Find and download up-to-the-minute Internet videos
Copy videos, slideshows, and music onto portable players
MAGIX Media Database compatible

Detailed editing made easier
• If you would like to design individual extracts from your
arrangements in peace and quiet, you can now switch the whole
of the sound off and on directly in the programme at any time.
A timesaving locking function prevents any inadvertent shifting
of jump or chapter markers in the timeline view.

Your recordings deserve the best!
• With 34 awards, Magix Movie Editor Cracked guarantees convincing
results that amaze even the professionals. This package comes
with an introductory tutorial, easy import functionality,
optimum editing and perfect dubbing features, eye-catching
video effects and versatile professional presentation options.

Realtime burning
• Burn directly to disc during analog capture from TV card,
camcorder, DVD player or VHS recorder.

Widescreen 16:9 format
• Import, edit, create, and burn in high-resolution 16:9
widescreen format.

Your own DVDs in pro design
• Lots of theme-oriented templates and countless different
editing possibilities for animated DVD menus that are a perfect
fit for your film.

Web-optimized videos
• Record videos with a web camera and microphone, edit, and
export in optimal resolution to the Web; perfect for video

Ideas & Help
• Task Assistant, videos, direct help, tutorials, and online help

The best for your video memories
• NEW! Capture video from HDV camcorders
• NEW! Burn movies in HD DVD format using regular DVD discs
• NEW! Dolby® Digital Sound in original format (Stereo or 5.1
Surround) burn to disc without recalculation
• NEW! MAGIX Soundtrack Maker: Creates individual background
music mood changes to match your individual scenes
• NEW! Individual effect design & magnetic objects
• Create CDs & DVDs in 16:9 format with animated menus

• EXTRAS! - Workshops & video tutorials - MAGIX Music Manager -
MAGIX Photo Manager and much more

3 editing modes for easy handling
MovieShow Maker
MAGIX Story Maker
Title Editor
Video Cleaning
Audio Cleaning
Virtual mixing desk
Capture & Import:

DV-Camcorder & Webcam
Videos from MPEG-DVD
Analog capture
Media database
MAGIX Online Album
MAGIX Online Content Library
Optimize & Edit:
Video image optimization
Video scaling
Fades and Video Effects
Video Controller
Multi monitor support
Non-destructive editing
Cut & Arrange:

Burn & Share:

Interactive DVD player menus
Video Discs for TV and PC
Hi-definition videos
Multi-copy, disc splitting, ondisc editing, etc.
Burn DVDs in realtime
Export to mobile devices
(.mov, .wmv, .rm)

File Support:

• AVI, MPEG 1&2, WMV 9, WMVHD, MXV and MPEG 4, DivX™ (both
dependent on installed codec, MPEG-4 codec can be purchased
through the program). Imports non-copy-protected streams (VOB,

• JPG, BMP, GIF, TIF, TGA / supports scanners and digital cameras

• Non-copy-protected CDs, MP3s, OGG, WMA (non-DRM), MIDI files,
WAV. Supports videos with Dolby® Digital Sound (2.0 Stereo and
5.1 Surround),

Export formats:

• AVI, MPEG 1&2, WMV 9, WMVHD, MXV and MPEG 4, DivX™ (both
dependent on installed codec, MPEG-4 codec can be purchased
through the program), Real Helix™ (RealVideo & RealAudio export




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