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Data: 10 Czerwiec 2010
Kategoria: Archiwum

ACDSee Pro v3.0.355 Final KeyGen

ACDSee Pro v3.0.355 Final KeyGen | 54.04 Mb

Accelerate the process of taking a picture of you with ACDSee Pro 3. Manage, view, process and extract your images quickly and easily. ACDSee Pro 3 software is photographed with flexibility to adapt to your work; help you optimize every aspect of the job.

New features include:
Image Processing Workflow
Upload photos to FTP a convenient
Share photos online for free
Supports SMTP e-mail
Enhance visual interface
Flexible, not preset processing damage
Improved noise reduction
Vibrance tool image processing
Advanced image processing tools color

Intuitive workflow-oriented interface

To help you accelerate workflow, interface ACDSee Pro 3 is built around three main steps: the management, viewing and processing images. Designed in consultation with professional photographers and users is, change this interface is optimized to keep the focus on your image while you work.
IMPROVED! ACDSee Pro has always characterized the regime for each step of the process of your work. Improve the appearance of three ACDSee Pro makes it easier for you to stay oriented within the application when you switch between these modes - just one click.
Image Management Flexibility

Import, browse, organize, compare, search, and publish your photos in the management regime.
IMPROVED! Simplified interface with little icons and colors than keep focused on your image.
NEW! Sort images by using the new check box, in addition to the original and drag and drop method.
NEW! Receive visual feedback on your selections with purification filter messages
Customize your interface: Define preset workspace for the different steps in your work, and configure your main tool bar, frame preview and more
Easily publish your images via the new FTP upload, upload new and expanded Zenfolio SmugMug upload

See easily

Display and check the image full size at any time in the view magnification.
NEW! Quick Flip between images by using window film while also oriented in a large group of files

Powerful processing

Adjust your image using non-destructive power of the tool development, and preparing images for publication using the pixel-based editing tools in handling mode.
NEW! Get synergy of ACDSee Pro technology development not ruin the image and pixel accurate - level editor in an environment of perfect
NEW! Implementation is not destructive adjustments on any type of file, not only the RAW file.

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