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MSC Easy 5 2010.15.0

MSC Easy 5 2010.15.0|200 MB

Corporation MSC.Software (Santa Ana, California, USA), since 1963 working in the field of computer technology engineering analysis, offers a wide range of integrated VPD-systems - computer technology engineering analysis and virtual simulation. Technology VPD are the highest, most modern, qualitatively new level of systems engineering analysis (CAE - Computer Aided engineering) and are designed to improve the quality and reliability while dramatically reducing the timing of design and manufacturing, as well as significantly reducing the number of prototypes and field tests.
MSC.Software The company delivers its programs and services to aerospace and automotive companies, electronics manufacturers, other industries, higher education institutions. A strong reputation is deserved MSC.Software successful cooperation with renowned companies such as BMW, DaimlerChrysler, Fiat, GM, Ford, Nissan, Toyota, Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, United Technologies, DuPont, Eastman Kodak, Motorola, etc.
EASY5 - a specialized product for modeling a wide range of complex technical systems and devices on the schematic level. By means of this software are modeled digital and analog control systems, hydraulic drives and transmission, internal combustion engines, pneumatic, mechanical and electrical equipment, air conditioning systems, aerodynamic control surfaces, injection systems, etc.

Easy5 system is an important component of modern VPD (Virtual Product Development) technologies, which allow you to create full virtual prototypes of products.

A distinctive feature is the ability to Easy5 simulation models of complex digital and analogue systems at the functional level of the blocks, which are as simple mathematical operators and expressions, transfer functions, data tables, etc., and finished the mathematical models of complex technical devices ( Controllers, Switches, etc.). Modelled in EASY5 system included in the model, created in Patran and / or Adams to conduct comprehensive research products functioning in different modes in different operating conditions. It is modeled design of machines, appliances and other technical facilities to work together with control systems, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical systems, etc. For in-depth analysis and simulation using tight integration with other systems msc, as well as with systems of other companies: MSC Nastran, Adams, Marc, Dytran, LS-Dyna, Flight Loads and Dynamics, Fatigue, Mvision, Simdesigner, Sofy, Explore, matlab / simulink, dads, ricardo wave, ANSYS, Abaqus, etc.

The software package includes many ready EASY5 mathematical models, implemented as separate functional units (adders, dividers, filters, integrators, valves, motors, heat exchangers, gearboxes, clutches, etc.). With the help of languages c or fortran can create your own function blocks.
User EASY5 - specialist in the particular field of technology - connects these devices, modeling the product at the level of functional blocks, and optimizes system development products.
EASY5 supports the ability to export the model (for example, the control scheme) in the Adams model, or, conversely, import model of the mechanism of Adams in EASY5. In addition, the model EASY5 can be built into the system model matlab / simulink. The structure includes a module EASY5 matrix algebra tool, designed to perform operations on matrices (may be used for data preparation, analysis results, etc.).

User EASY5 proposed component library for multidisciplinary analysis, including specialized kits for the aerospace, automotive and other industries. Module library developer toolkit allows you to create your own library of components.

Key features of modeling in MSC Easy 5
- Hydraulics
Actuation systems, power transmission, antilock braking systems, chassis, fuel injection systems, active suspension systems, lubrication systems
- Gas Dynamics
Pneumatics, power plants, air purifiers and high-pressure steam, the transfer of the adsorption of gas phase reactions, HVAC, ECS, several types of gas systems
- Multiphase Systems
refrigeration, air conditioning, climate control, cryogenic network, steam / water supply systems, fuel systems, or with exotic systems, volatile liquid aerosol. Evaluation of control systems hardware and software (from the data sampling rates, asynchronous communication, analog and digital electronic filters, control the execution cycle number, the network (CAN) and many more)
- Fuel Cells
Stationary or mobile phone.
- Electric system
AC / DC machines, power electronics, batteries, and more. Flight dynamics and control systems of all types, including digital filters.

On the basis of the listed capacity of the system EASY5 and the integration with other systems msc create a full functional model planes, cars, tanks, excavators, equipment, etc, study their work in carrying out various tasks in different environments. The result is an optimal solution found by the exact complex computer modeling.
Among users EASY5 - the worlds leading companies in aviation, space, missile, automotive, electronics, energy and other industries.

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