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Heroes Of Newerth (2010/ENG/PC)

Heroes Of Newerth (2010/ENG/PC) | 756 MB

«Heroes of Newerth» based on the game universe «Savage - Newerth». However, all the characters, items, mobs and shops are identical to the same data in the «Dota Allstars». In general, the game is a copy of «DotA Allstars», but with improved graphics. Also, the game features just excellent GUI. The control panel in the «Heroes of Newerth» designed specifically to manage a hero. In the graphic component HoN overtakes DotA a hundred times - this allows full use in the game of modern graphics card.

Just a lot of useful features that makes the game more smoothly:
* If you disconnected the player can return to the game. If this does not happen within 5 minutes, he might count diskonekt, and the team will be able to sell his belongings.
* Multi-functional (aka server: easy navigation through the system of friends and clans
* The game - a good ping, due to the unique narobotok S2Games programming architecture of network connections within the game.
* When creating a game mode selected at once, but not in the game. Players accession can determine whether they like fashion.
* Excellent ladder system, the statistics: not only are injury / winnings, but all druguie data from the kills, deaths, assists to the number of finished off the towers, creeps, buy-outs in a game, etc. - Absolutely everything.
* Lots of handy features: for example you can share the courier separately from the hero
* New heroes
* All game functions are loaded at the entrance to the lobby, ie in the course of the game the player does not experience glitches or lags associated with the game engine

S2 Games - an experienced group of developers from different industries (film, art, computer science and business). Through the combination of skills and experience of each employee, a new kind of creative and full of ideas a team game designers. The main objective of S2 Games - to a new level of online multiplayer games. Creating a cursor K2 [TM] has allowed to achieve high results in the world of MMO games.
On my own - the game though, and reminds DOTu but very much from her otlichaetsya schedule better, the characters and their beautiful and Skill nteresnee + newer, as well as a very convenient control ... others see themselves.

System requirements:
Processor - 2.2GHz Pentium 4 / AMD 2400 + or faster
1 GB of RAM
Graphics Card GeForce 5 and ATI 9800 w / 128 MB VRAM

Download Heroes Of Newerth (2010/ENG/PC):


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