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Data: 28 Maj 2010
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VMware Fusion v3.1.0.261058 MacOSX

VMware Fusion v3.1.0.261058 MacOSX CORE | 144 Mb

The developer of virtualization from desktop to data center and cloud computing, VMware announced the release of the third version of VMware Fusion 3, the best, according to the company, the tool to run Windows-based applications under Mac OS.

VMware Fusion 3 will enable users to easily migrate from PC to Mac, and run applications for Windows (including games with demanding graphics) from the Mac OS along with Mac-applications. The product has more than fifty new features and improvements, including:
- Optimization for Snow Leopard. Originally designed by the architecture Macintosh, VMware Fusion 3 full advantage of the new 64-bit operating system Mac OS X Snow Leopard, providing a better work Windows-based applications on a Mac
Support functional Windows 7. VMware Fusion 3 supports Windows Aero and Flip 3D, and the first time in the industry provides the full functionality of Windows 7
- Easy transition. VMware Fusion 3 is much easier procedure for the transfer from PC to Mac users with all the necessary information, including software that runs on Windows. The whole process is limited to a few simple steps, using a standard Ethernet-cable, or wireless communication channel
- Best-in-class 3D graphics. Support for OpenGL 2.1 and DirectX 9.0c Shader Model 3 allows users to simply reboot the PC to run their favorite 3D games and Windows-based applications
"For more than 10 years of VMware virtualization gives users the freedom to choose the system to run their favorite applications - on your PC or Mac. It is gratifying to observe the enthusiasm with which VMware Fusion was adopted by the community of fans of Mac, who made his product "number one" to run Windows on Mac, - said Jocelyn Goldfayn, vice president and general manager, desktop VMware. - VMware Fusion 3 is built on the same, time-proven platform and is designed to make the user experience even easier.

Download VMware Fusion v3.1.0.261058 MacOSX:

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