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Data: 24 Maj 2010
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Adobe Bridge CS5 Multilanguage

Adobe Bridge CS5 Multilanguage|43,62 MB

Adobe Bridge CS5 software is a powerful media manager that provides centralized access to all your creative assets. Bridge is available in the following individual professional creative products and Adobe Creative Suite 5 software editions

Top features:-
Adobe Mini Bridge
Access all your creative assets within the context of what you are working on with Adobe Mini Bridge, a customizable panel within InDesign CS5 and Photoshop CS5 editions. Sort and filter, and then drag files right into your document.

Display of linked files in InDesign documents
Quickly access every component of your page layouts with the ability to browse linked files in InDesign documents from directly within Adobe Bridge CS5.

JPEG export
Convert any graphic, image, or document in Adobe Bridge CS5 to JPEG format for an easy way to share files via websites and galleries, email, and more.

Custom image sizing and PDF watermarks for web galleries
Enjoy more control when creating web galleries. Add watermarks to PDF files, resize images precisely, and click once to display filenames in HTML- and SWF-format galleries.

Mobile content previewing with Adobe Device Central CS5
Access Device Central CS5 from within Adobe Bridge to preview, test, and optimize images, animations, video, and other content across a wide spectrum of devices a from mobile handsets to gaming systems to television screens.

More flexible batch renaming
Rename groups of files more quickly and easily in the enhanced Batch Rename dialog box. Create your own presets, use a Find and Replace command, and customize the dialog box by moving fields around with drag-and-drop ease.

Drag-and-drop capability between applications
Easily place Illustrator files in InDesign layouts, create new Smart Objects in Photoshop, and more with the ability to drag and drop files between Adobe Bridge CS5 or Adobe Mini Bridge and other Creative Suite 5 components.

Editable Path bar
Move among folders more easily thanks to an improved navigation bar.

Centralized color settings
Set color preferences from a centralized panel in Adobe Bridge for more consistent color in your projects and files. This single set of preferences controls color settings for Photoshop CS5 editions, Illustrator CS5, InDesign CS5, and Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro, so colors match closely onscreen as you work across Creative Suite components.

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