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Data: 17 Maj 2010
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Kerio Connect 7.0.1-1249 Eng

Kerio Connect 7.0.1-1249 Eng 105 Mb

Kerio Connect is high-grade replacement of server Microsoft Exchange, allowing to combine ease of administration with the cheapness of service.
Simple synchronisation of your local and global contacts
* Kerio Connect 7 advances open standards of an exchange of messages and collective work with introduction of new open report CardDAV for synchronisation of directories.
* With new high technology to synchronise contacts between various models of laptops and servers now it is easy.
The distributed Domain
* The companies with offices in different geographic locations have now possibility to work and operate resources, mail and calendars enjoying advantages of administration of a uniform server of collective work.
* By means of Kerio Connect you can easily connect a little Kerio Connect servers in uniform geographically distributed cluster.
The high-grade Web console of Administration
* it is easy to operate
* Quickly and safely operate all aspects of work of a server through standard web-browsers.
* There is no necessity to download any additional software.
Support of New Mobile Devices
* Management of contacts, calendars and e-mail through technology Exchange ActiveSync Push.
* Now we supports new OS: Web OS, Android.
* Support for new types of smart phones: Palm Pre, Palm Pixi, T-Mobile G1, G2, Verizon Droid, Google Nexus One and others.
Policy of Clearing of Out-of-date Messages
* Automatically delete out-of-date e-mail to save space on a hard disk and to prevent excessive storage of the old information.

Name: Kerio Connect 7.0.1-1249 Eng
Date of release: 2010
Platform: Windows all
Language: English
Tablet: present
Size: 105 Mb
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