Autor: Lion29
Data: 12 Maj 2010
Kategoria: Archiwum

Nature Illusion Studio Professional v3.40

Nature Illusion Studio Professional v3.40 6.59 Mb

Nature Illusion Studio - will help you to transform usual pictures into fine animated landscapes. The program allows to impose different graphic and sound effects, and then to convert result in the screen prompt, an executed file, animated drawing or a video-file. Load the favourite photo with a landscape, allocate by means of masks of area, which need to be recovered (e.g. a reservoir surface, a stream, a falls etc.), add a sound (surf noise, singing of birds, water murmur), it is possible to add falling snow or a rain. Âîáůĺě, now you can independently create ńęđčíńýéâĺđű professional quality, do author's animated GIF on the basis of your photos.

Realistic effects
All visual effects are recreated with the big accuracy: waves on water, thin movements of air, a smoke and many other things look very naturally and is realistic, also as well as in a usual life.

Share with the others
You can share the creations with the friends and acquaintances. For example, you can create a screensaver, as a gift for the friend or favourite. Or can publish it on the site, in a free kind or send by mail to friends, acquaintances and fellow workers.

Excellent result
End result is perfectly realistic and full atmosphere of a life the creation which can be kept as the prompt, executed file (.exe), or in AVI and GIF-formats which you can share with other people.

• Application to 6 water effects for one image
• Addition of animation objects. Support of graphic format Gif
• Addition of weather effects - snow and a rain
• Addition of sound effects, such as birds, water sounds, cricket etc.
• Library ďđĺńĺňîâ for various effects, among which falls, lake, the river, fire, a fog etc.
• the Mode of viewing of result in real time
• Preservation of your creation in the form of a screensaver, an executing file (.exe), Gif or Avi formats of files

What's New in version 3.40:
- Seamless animation option added in gif creation.

Name: Nature Illusion Studio Professional v3.40
Date of release: 2010
Platform: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, ME, NT, 98, 95
Language: English
Tablet: present
Size: 6.59 Mb

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