Autor: robert7077
Data: 9 Maj 2010
Kategoria: Archiwum

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 DVD Victory FULL 2.0.3 (2010/ENG/RUS)

Assemblage on the basis of an original image Windows 7 Ultimate 7600 îáúĺäĺí˙ţůŕ˙ h64-digit architecture, is optimised on small consumption of memory and resources of the computer and high efficiency. Equally works both on usual installation and on USB HDD.

Name: Windows 7 Ultimate x64 DVD Victory
Year of release: 2010
Platform: ő64
Interface language: Russian / English
Tablet: Is present
Size: 3.19 Gb

The additional information: From system it is removed:
- The driver of printers
- DVD studio
- The media centre
- The tablet personal computer (work of scissors is kept)
- Samples of music and video (the productivity test is perfectly in order)
- A natural language
- Speech recognition
- Languages Japan, Korea, China (KMPlayer works)

- The folder backup is cleared
- DEP UAC are switched off
- Defender it is switched off

Cčńňĺěíűĺ requirements:
The processor: 1 Ggz x86/x64
The RAM: 512 MB or above
HDD: 10 GB
VIDEO: with support DirectX 9 and 128 MB memories (for theme Aero)

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