Autor: Zibert
Data: 7 Maj 2010
Kategoria: Archiwum

Dynamic Photo HDR 4.6

Dynamic Photo HDR 4.6|14,7 MB

Are you looking for something new and exciting to do with your digital
camera? Dynamic-PHOTO HDR is a new generation of High Dynamic Range
image software with many advanced features, such as Pin Warping and

Features Dynamic-PHOTO HDR:

. Easy to understand software with super fast preview
. Powerful Auto-Aligning, Manual or Auto-Assist Aligning of images
with an innovative Pin Warping that can correct all types of
misalignment, including camera roll, pitch or yaw
. Anti-ghosting mask that can completely eliminate ghosting of
moving objects
. Various tone mapping procedures that can create a whole range of
images - from smooth photographic tone mapping to very dramatic
. Load and save HDR files
. Works with most RAW camera formats
. Support for 360 Panoramic images
. Batch Processing to add images to queue and then process them all
at once
. Live HDR preview during various steps, you can see tonemapped image
preview even before you create HDR!
. Real-Time Preview - as you move the sliders you see the changes in
. Paint the tone-mapping strength where you want it with a brush
. Version 4 has all the image adjustments you will need: White Balance,
Levels, Gamma, Hue, Chromatic Aberration, Barrel and Pincushion
correction, Perspective correction and more.
. Dynamic Photo HDR has already few very interesting build-in filters
for Orton Effect or to create eye-catching B/W photos.
. You can use Pseudo-HDR process on a single 8-bit source
. Our new real-time Light Tuner will let you change the Tone-Mapped
effect and see the feedback result immediately as you move the
Light Orb, without any calculation

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