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Autor: Zipp8106
Data: 7 Maj 2010
Kategoria: Archiwum

Defense Grid: The Awakening (PC)

Original title: Defense Grid: The Awakening
Genre: Strategy
Language: Eng
Platform: PC
Size: 558.15 MB

In Defense Grid: The Awakening player redstoit consistently pass twenty levels of a simple story about the construction of the defense network, starting with the simple and ending with most of this puzzle. The complexity and diversity of the available arsenal and the thickness of enemies gradually increases. On most maps need to place towers along the strip-road on which the aliens are, well, and some gameplay changes somewhat - a deadly maze, in which enemies will reach the goal, we must build themselves.

Defense Grid poses a challenge to the player - pass the whole campaign is relatively easy, serious difficulties arise in the last couple of dozen levels. But completing Aby as you can earn a bronze medal. For the silver already have to sweat - not to allow strangers to carry off a single core of our energy reserves. But to reach gold - the problem is really trivial.

Game calibrated to the smallest detail - perfect balance of training and before the final map and from first to last gun. Each of the two dozen missions - a kind of puzzle that you can go several ways, and awards and an abundance of game modes give the incentive to play more than once.

Download Defense Grid: The Awakening (PC):

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