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Autor: Lion29
Data: 6 Maj 2010
Kategoria: Archiwum

Corel Paint it! v1.0.0.127

Corel Paint it! v1.0.0.127 34.29 Mb

Fun for the entire family, Corel Paint it! gives you a whole new way to enjoy your photos. This photo painting software includes multiple painting styles, brushes and realistic effects that let you add a personal touch to any creative project. Much more than a photo-painting filter, Corel Paint it! relies on your input, letting you control the photo painting process while encouraging your creative spirit. Start and stop painting at any time, restore original details from the photo and add your own special touches. The result is a hand-painted portrait that’s sure to wow your friends and family.

Ideal for:
• Any wall in your home or office
• Scrapbooks and albums
• Email and online sharing sites
• Gift giving

Personal, painted art in minutes

Automatically turn your photos into beautiful paintings that uniquely express your favorite moments in life.

An authentic, hand-painted look—effortlessly

Create an authentic-looking photo painting every time with smart auto-painting technology that mimics how a real artist would paint.

Fun for all ages and skill sets

Produce beautiful, personalized results, whatever your age or experience.

Easy creative effects

Play with the Fire Brush, Fairy Dust, Pattern Pen, Leaf Brush and other fun effects to spice up your photo painting in seconds.

Compatible with popular photo-editing software

Open photo files that were created in other programs and, once you’ve worked your magic, save your new paintings in a format that can be opened and shared anywhere. Your original photo file is always preserved.

The end is just the beginning

Save, print, publish or frame your painted memories to share with others so the magic lives on!


Sit back and watch Corel Paint it! transform your photo into a painting, right before your eyes! Whatever your hobby, interest, skill level or motivation, Corel Paint it! lets you create beautiful photo art in just minutes. It’s easy and fun, and your masterpieces will be perfect for jazzing up that scrapbook, family album, greeting card or any other visually creative endeavor.
Turn your photo into a painting

It all starts with a photo. Whether it’s a snapshot of a baby or other loved ones, a cherished pet or a stunning landscape, all you have to do is choose a photo to get started. Then simply pick a painting style.

Painting styles

The Photo Painting panel is located on the right side of the workspace and provides several preset painting styles. All of the painting presets pick up color, intensity and lightness from the original photo, then apply brushstrokes in the style that you choose.
Play the video

Oil – applies a combination of short dabs and longer brushstrokes to produce the color and texture of oil paint

Impressionist – applies short and very visible brushstrokes to create the illusion of movement and light

Modern – applies bold brushstrokes and adds vibrance to colors to produce an abstract reinterpretation of a photo

Illustration – applies a wide variety of brushstrokes to produce an illustration-style painting

Detailed Watercolor – applies a translucent wash to produce the smooth, soft effect of watercolor paint on your photo

Watercolor Sketch – applies a combination of drawn lines and watercolor brushstrokes that add depth, texture and contrast

Colored Pencil – applies fine-tipped colored pencil strokes

Pencil – applies graphite pencil strokes that appear to be drawn by hand

Pen and Ink – applies sketchy strokes with a pen and black ink that appear to be drawn by hand

Pastel – applies colored pastel strokes that appear to be drawn by hand

Name: Corel Paint it! v1.0.0.127
Date of release: 2010
Platform: Windows XP and Windows Vista/7
Language: English
Tablet: present
Size: 34.29 Mb

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