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Autor: Zibert
Data: 4 Maj 2010
Kategoria: Archiwum

Collage Studio 4.27 Portable

Collage Studio 4.27 Portable |20 MB

Studio Collage - A handy utility to create effective compositions from a variety of photos that can be used as desktop wallpaper, posters or postcards. Create beautiful collages easy as using ready-made templates, and completely independently. Collage Studio allows you to add labels, decorations and special effects. The resulting image can be viewed on full screen, save or print. Provides the function faster than exports of collages in any of the popular graphic formats.
With the help of Studio Collage, you can create wonderful compositions, not zatrachivaniya a lot of time and effort. For example, you can select a predesigned template collage and one click to add photos from any folder. And after a few seconds before you will be finished collage, which will only have to decorate to your liking.
How to make sense of your work has become clearer to others? It is for this Collage Studio is equipped with a large base of jokes and aphorisms, divided by topics. With this function you can add to your collage original utterance, making it not only beautiful, but giving profound meaning!

Want to say something dear to you man and to do so unexpected and original way - create a collage and sign it! In addition, you can make up an ordinary greeting card or invitation. For this purpose as part of congratulations in his poems to a variety of holidays.

Features Collage Studio allows to call it a full-fledged graphical editor. You can change the brightness, contrast images, add special effects and art frames. In addition, the program can quickly correct the perspective of the layer, through which you can simulate the flight of your photos or rotation in space.

Features Collage Studio:
? Use a variety of background images, including postcards
? Create a collage for a few seconds using templates
? A large collection of jewelry
? Imposing a framework and perspective correction
? The effect of old photos
? Mixing translucent layers

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