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Data: 3 Maj 2010
Kategoria: Archiwum

To download a film The Big Lebowski

The information on a film:
name: The Big Lebowski
The original name: The Big Lebowski
Year of an exit: 1998
genre: Comedy
In roles: Jeff Bridzhes, John Goodman, Dzhulianna Moore, Steve Bushemi, David Haddlston, Filip Sejmur Hoffman, Container Read, Filip Moon, Mark Pellegrino, Peter Stormare

About a film:
Los Angeles, 1991, war in Persian gulf. The protagonist by a nickname "Dude" considers itself as absolutely happy person. His life make game in bowling and binge. But suddenly its happiness is broken, gangsters by mistake accept it for the millionaire-namesake, money about which he suspects nothing, and, to all other demand, abduct the wife of the millionaire, being assured that "husband" will pay for it any sum.

release: 1998
duration: 01:57:21
translation : English
subtitle: English
additional: To put it briefly, the picture has turned out very original, stylishly not stylish, dynamical, heaped up, vozvyshajushche-subverting, ńňĺáîâŕ˙ and twirled. Brothers Cohens had a good time, as wanted. "Big Lebovski" - event is unconditional. It is painfully stuck out from numbers of a usual Hollywood cud. Also it is well stuck out. Competently.
By the way, a genre of this film like hell you will define. "The eccentric comedy" - does not approach. Unless that a word "eccentric". "Detective" - too like hell for äĺňĺęňčâíîńňü a plot there it is shown only right at the beginning, and then Cohens have killed this detective several well-aimed shots. "Tragicomedy" - it is already more or less close to a theme. But all the same - does not approach. So let's name this genre of "Big Lebovski" and on it uspokoimsja./cubtitry work in windows player /

format: MKV, H.264, AAC
quality: DVDRip
video: 720 x 384 (1.875) ,at 23.976 fps,AVC, 1 300kbps , 0,196bit/pixel
sound: 48 kHz,AAC(Version 4) (LC), 2 ch, ~128 kbit/s
size: 1.17 Gb

To download a film The Big Lebowski To download a film The Big Lebowski To download a film The Big Lebowski

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