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Data: 2 Maj 2010
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To download a film Shutter island

The information on a film:
name: Shutter island
The original name: Shutter island
Year of an exit: 2010
genre: Mysticism, Thriller, Drama ?
In roles: Leonardo DiKaprio, Mark Ruffalo, Ben Kingsli, Emili Mortimer, Michel Williams

About a film:
ŤThe island damnedť, a film from îńęŕđîíîńíîăî director Martin Scorsese, Dennisa Lihejna removed under the best seller, suggests the spectator to plunge into a psychological drama which is developed on the island more similar to an unapproachable fortress where still ťis ďńčőáîëüíčöŕ for the prisoners recognised on court as the deranged. 1954. A heat of cold war. Federal marshal Teddi Deniels (it Leonardo di Caprio plays, the owner of three nominations on"Oscar") and its new partner Chak Ole (Mark Raffalo) arrive on island Shatter to investigate not clear incident. From the closed chamber in high security hospital the woman condemned for a series of loud murders completely has disappeared. All is strange and suspicious on it god the forgotten island blown by all winds. Doctors, protection and mental patients as if suggest inspectors to play any terrible mystical game. Nothing is what it seems or than should be actually. The storm falls upon island, but the consequence goes the turn. The storm gradually amplifies, and together with it the ominous secrets are multiplied, one another is more terrible and not clearer. There are suspicions about plot of military men and scientists, about secret medical experiments, repressive suppression of consciousness (it is possible, somewhere here there is a confidential laboratory in which anybody does not have access). Gradually there are the first, still unsteady hints on a solution, let even they from area of the supernatural. Understanding all this business, facing the mad patients more similar on phantoms, inventively spinning a chain of the intrigues, and also without understanding, than doctors are engaged here, whose genius too is not subject to doubt, Teddi should admit to itself that it is held here also by especially personal motives. But the further it will untangle all this ball of riddles, the deeper secrets of consciousness and the most deep fears will be compelled to face. Probably, he is doomed to remain in general on this island for ever.

Rating IMDB: 8.1/10
Rating MPAA: R

release: 2010
duration: 02:10:17
translation : English
subtitle: NO

format: AVI, XviD, MP3
quality: DVDRip
video: 608ő256 (2,38:1), 25fps, XviD MPEG-4 604kbs 0,16 b/px
sound: 48 kHz, MPEG 1or 2 Audio Layer 3 (MP3), 2ch, 128.00 kbps
size: 669Mb

To download a film Shutter island To download a film Shutter island To download a film Shutter island

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