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Data: 2 Maj 2010
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To download a film Death Becomes Her

The information on a film:
name: Death Becomes Her
The original name: Death Becomes Her
Year of an exit: 1992
genre: Fantasy, comedy
In roles: Ěýđčë the Strip, Bruce Uillis, Goldi Houn, Izabella Rossellini, Jan Ogilvi, Adam Stork, Nensi Fish, Alaina Read Holl, Michel Johnson, Mary Ellen Trajnor

About a film:
Elixir of an eternal youth! How many women dream of it! Helen Sharp at whom this artful Medlin has beaten off groom Ernest Menvilla, the ingenious doctor-expert on plastic operations dreamt Of it also a Broadway star Medlin Eshton, and.
Have passed years, both young women who have fairly faded and got tired from each other, address for a wonder-working medicine to not which sorcerer. So, the elixir is drunk, the skin has freshened up, breasts were tightened, but quality of a medicine is fast will be checked up … by death.

release: 1992
duration: 01:44:00
translation : English
subtitle: English
additional: Film rating IMDB: 6.0/10
Film rating MPAA: PG-13

format: AVI, DivX, AC3
quality: DVDRip
video: 640x480 (1.33:1),23.976 fps,DivX Codec 6.8, 1439 kbps avg,0.20 bit/pixel
sound: 48 kHz,AC3 Dolby Digital,2/0 (L,R) Surround Encoded ch,192 kbps avg
size: 1.37 Gb

To download a film Death Becomes Her To download a film Death Becomes Her To download a film Death Becomes Her

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