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Autor: Zipp8106
Data: 2 Maj 2010
Kategoria: Archiwum

Fallen Lords: Condemnation (ENG/PC)

Original title: Fallen Lords: Condemnation
Genre: Action
Language: ENG
Platform: PC
Size: 963 MB

The game begins with the fact that its main character dies and has to choose which of the otherworldly factions to join. You can support the angels or demons - Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness, respectively, and can join the independent dead, wet dreams of good and bad, to build his own kingdom of the dead and alone to rule the world - Souls of Purgatory. Either way promises a rich battles career and complete defeat of enemies. As seen, the player is allowed to choose any of the three parties, with the subjects, of course, will vary. Well, the gameplay itself is standard: we chop around with a sword and magic, perform simple quests, riding his horse and develop character. Fans do all the same, but the company will appreciate the multiplayer, which, they say, will be co-transmission mode.

Game features:

3D-third-party action, unlimited carnage in the Hereafter
The extensive role-playing component
New units becoming available as they gain combat experience, you
Take the path from an unnamed infantryman to the head of one of the Force
The control system in the style of "Tekken", a simple and convenient interface
At the same time on screen more than 200 units
15 types of units and 6 types of mobile equipment
A huge arsenal - more than 100 ways to kill the enemy
Up to 15 levels in the campaign
Single and multiplayer modes ( "Arena", "Battle," "Conquest")
Playing on the LAN and the Internet
The editor of levels and characters
Wide possibilities of modifying

Download Fallen Lords: Condemnation (ENG/PC):

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