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Data: 2 Maj 2010
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To download a film Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

The information on a film:
name: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
The original name: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Year of an exit: 1988
genre: Comedy
In roles: Steve Martin, Michael Kejn, Glenn Hedli, Anton Rogers, Barbara Harris, Jan MakDajrmid, Ajvi, Nicole Kalfan

About a film:
The French Riviera. Silent resort small town with the first class casinos. The ideal environment for any occurrence of rascals and ćčăîëî. Reached tops the swindler who with ease "plants" trustful rich women on ten thousand dollars Here has located in the craft. But when to small town there comes its young colleague thirsting money, he understands that for two swindlers of a place will not suffice. Swindlers conclude a bet: the one who will extend the first from the chosen victim of 50 thousand dollars, that and remains in a city …

release: 1988
duration: 01:46:53
translation : English
subtitle: English
additional: In an initial caption of a film after the main actors instead of a word ŤInť (in a film...), there was a word Ťareť that it is possible to translate as ŤSteve Martin and Michael Kejn - inveterate swindlersť. / a film in two files, subtitles separately

format: DVDRip, AVI, DivX, AC3
quality: DVDRip
video: 720x384 (1.88:1),23.976 fps,DivX Codec 6.5.1,1298 kbps avg,0.20 bit/pixel
sound: 48 kHz,AC3 Dolby Digital,3/2 (L,C,R,l,r) + LFE ch,448 kbps avg
size: 1.36Gb

To download a film Dirty Rotten Scoundrels To download a film Dirty Rotten Scoundrels To download a film Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

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