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Data: 27 Kwiecień 2010
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Windows 7 18-in-1 Activated 2010.04 (RUS/ENG)

Windows 7 18-in-1 Activated 2010.04 (RUS/ENG)
Win 32bit & Win 64bit | Image Type: ISO | 3.91 Gb

We offer you a renewal assembly Windows7-18in1 - from Monkrus - better than others especially the stability and capacity for work and combines nine modifications Russian and 9 modifications of the English version of Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64)

Release Date: 2010.04.26
Version: 7600.16385.090713-1255
Platform: x86/x64
Developer: Microsoft / mOnkrus
Language: RUS / ENG
Tablet: Not required
Size: 3.91 GB

• 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor with 1 GHz.
• 1 GB of RAM.
• Support for DirectX 9 interface with the driver WDDM, at least 128 MB of graphics memory, Pixel Shader 2.0 feature and color, 32 bits / pixel.
Hard disk capacity of 40 GB to 16 GB of free disk space.
• A DVD-ROM drive.
• Ability to output audio.
• Access to the Internet.

The efficiency of assembly carefully checked.
After installation, you get a fully registered and activated version of Windows 7 chosen modifications. In addition, if you choose to install Windows 7 Ultimate, then after the installation you will be able to switch the interface language from English to Russian and back standard means Windows 7 Ultimate.

Update History:
>> The first update (02/28/1910): Used in assembly activator finalized. Now he is not afraid Update KB971033.
>> The second update 26/04/1910): Used to assemble activator re-refined. Now, if you're installing on a computer that has a BIOS'e SLIC-table version 2.1, the activator is not used at all - will be used standard legal (almost) the means of activation, developed by Microsoft for these computers (more details in FAQ).

Suppl. Information:
- For technical reasons Windows 7 x64 with this assembly can not be installed on some RAID, because the installer does not see the disk formed RAID-array.
- For technical reasons Windows 7 x64 with this build can not be updated for Windows Vista x64.

Download Windows 7 18-in-1 Activated 2010.04 (RUS/ENG):

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