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Data: 14 Kwiecień 2010
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Scrivener 1.54

Scrivener 1.54 | Mac OS X | 69.6 MB

Scrivener is a word processor and project management tool created specifically for writers of long texts such as novels and research papers. It won't try to tell you how to write - it just makes all the tools you have scattered around your desk available in one application.

Import from has been renamed Import from, and the default setting for this feature now downloads from You can change it back to or choose a self-hosted service using the "Options..." button. This change was made because Hog Bay Software have changed the service so that WriteRoom for the iPhone and other Hog Bay apps have moved to, although will remain for some time as a read-only service. Users who don't wish to go through Hog Bay's site can also self-host their own text service for syncing their WriteRoom.iPhone texts and from which to download to Scrivener, as SimpleText is open source - see for details.
Scrivener 1.54 knows about the new Scrivener 2.0 file format, so will issue a more meaningful message when trying to open Scrivener 2.0 projects than earlier versions (not that Scrivener 2.0 will be available for a few months yet).
Bug Fixes
Fixed bug whereby the source link beneath imported web pages always went to
Fixed bug whereby footnotes cut get cut short when exporting to some formats.
Fixed bug whereby some imported web pages would not always open, for instance if they had an anchor in the link.
Changed "Split Horizontally" keyboard shortcut to opt-cmd-=, so that it no longer conflicts with Format > Font > Bigger.
Fixed bug whereby text with a foreground colour could change the colour of annotations when the user clicked in an annotation.
Changed default full screen scroll bar to one that is more in keeping with the current iLife full screens scrollers (this should also fix crashes that were happening on 10.6.2, which were apparently caused by a conflict between 10.6.2 and the old full screen scroller). Thanks to Jesse Grosjean for the code for this new scroll bar.
Fixed a bug in FDX export where the next element on return would always be set to "Action". (Also fixed some other minor FDX import and export bugs.)
Fixed the project templates so that the "Files were recovered" error message no longer appears when creating projects from certain templates.
Miscellaneous minor bug fixes.

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