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SoftInterface Convert XLS 6.71 Datecode 13.05.2013 Multilingual

SoftInterface Convert XLS 6.71 Datecode 13.05.2013 Multilingual | 5.9 Mb

Convert XLS is a simple to use, yet sophisticated Excel converter utility specifically designed for Excel, text and CSV (character/comma delimited) files. If you need to convert/manipulate one or thousands of files, located in one or many folders this is the tool! Conversions can be done 10-15 times faster without MS Excel.

Repeat complex conversion tasks simply by restoring prior Conversion Jobs. A Conversion Job consists of all 'Conversion Tasks' that you specify to be done within the 'Convert XLS' user interface. Each task can be detailed one at a time with 'Convert XLS's friendly user interface. This makes your future work to manipulate and convert XLS/XLSX /CSV/TXT files on a regular basis mindless endeavor!

Automate your Excel Conversion tasks by using:
Built in scheduler
The command line interface
See an online video.
COM interface

Convert XLS Features
Save and restore complex conversion configurations.
Convert Excel files to and from XLS/XLSX/Text/CSV/HTML/XML without requiring MS Excel to be installed. If you do have MS Excel, 'Convert XLS' will support all file types in addition to TXT, XML, CSV etc. (see table below for a listing).
Advanced Excel Manipulation Special processes including moving, deleting, adding and copying sheets. Append/Concatenate Excel files into a single sheet.
Special processing of files including appending/concatenation, removing extra lines, launching 3rd party programs, search and replace strings and much more.
XLSX Conversion now supported! Convert XLSX to CSV, HTML, XML, XLS, TXT etc.
Numerous CSV (comma delimited file) manipulation features including padding, swapping out the delimiter and more. See below for more details.
Move or delete input files after processing.
Convert Fixed Width Text Files to/from Excel or CSV files.
Supports recursive subfolders.
Batch can be stopped midway and resumed at a later time.
Automate 'Convert XLS' from the command line or use the COM/ActiveX interface. Complete flexibility, complete power.
Can be adapted for all languages.

If you need to manipulate Excel file data, 'Convert XLS' comes with numerous specialized processes including:
Convert Excel to/from to many file types including CSV, XML, HTM, TXT, SLK, WKS, DBF, Lotus and others. See below for listing.
Copy Sheet Data/Formula from the same or different workbook. Specify ranges! Can be used to merge data from many sheets/workbooks.
Copy Worksheet(s) whole (including formatting) to the same or different workbook, and specify location within the workbook.
Merge Excel File Data. Combine Excel worksheet data by specifying the sheet(s) (and/or Range within each sheet) from a whole folder of workbooks to a single sheet.
Change cell(s) Value or Formula.
Batch printing of Excel (or any file MS Excel can open).
Run Excel Macros from command line or user interface.
Convert Word Tables To Excel
Change cell numeric formatting of sheets/cells you specify. (e.g. apply currency format, text format, general number format, etc.)
Search and Replace Cell Contents of the sheets/cells you specify
Add a new sheet and specify where to place the new sheet
Delete a single or whole range of sheets within a workbook
Move a sheet to a specific place within a workbook
Rename an existing sheet
Delete specified rows or columns, leaving the rest of the worksheet intact
Transpose sheet data by converting rows to columns and columns to rows.
Change/Remove Workbook Passwords

In addition to the worksheet manipulation, many other special processing for text, CSV, DOC, RTF and HTML files have been included. These include:
(DOC, RTF, HTM and TXT) Append (Concatenate) files. Original file(s) contents is placed at the end of the Target file.
(DOC, RTF, HTM and TXT) Remove Empty Lines
(DOC, RTF, HTM and TXT) Search and Replace a String
(CSV and TXT) Replace a character
(*.CSV) Surround field with quotes
(*.CSV) Pad field with spaces
(*.CSV) Change comma to other delimiter
(*.CSV) Remove Empty Lines
(*.CSV) Created Fixed Width Fields
(*.CSV) Include specified ROWS, discard all others
(*.CSV) Include specified COLUMNS, discard all others
(*.CSV) Remove control characters
(*.CSV) Trim excess commas
(*.CSV) Pad field(s) to a fixed length
Launch (Run) a program

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