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Data: 16 Kwiecień 2013
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PVII Tree Menu Magic 3 v3.1.1 For Dreamweaver

PVII Tree Menu Magic 3 v3.1.1 For Dreamweaver | 1.8 Mb

Automate the creation and management of multi-level or single-level CSS-based menus. Add as many menus to the same page as you like. "TMM2 offers new features such as transparent images, animation, and multiple instances on the same page. Combined with unmatched customer support, you have another fantastic new menu tool from PVII."

Features list
Builds vertical or horizontal menus
Unlimited sub-menu levels
Text-only List-based markup
Allows insertion in table cells or DIVs - movie: inserting a Pop Menu Magic menu
Complete menu management - manage your menu in an intuitive tree-style interface. Edit, add, delete, or re-position menu links at any time.
Automatic window edge detection - If the browser window is too small to display a sub-menu, Pop Menu Magic will re-position the sub-menu so that it is visible.
Sub-menu animation
Auto generate menus from file system
Includes 26 professionally designed styles - see all 26 styles
Switch styles or menu orientation
Fully customizable menu styles
Control of sub-menu positioning
Search engine friendly
Assistive reader friendly
Tab key friendly
Current link marker system
Advanced current link marker
Seamless integration with Dreamweaver Templates

Home Page -

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