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Data: 7 Styczeń 2013
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DeskSoft ScrollNavigator 4.1.0

DeskSoft ScrollNavigator 4.1.0 | 462 Kb

ScrollNavigator helps you to scroll your documents horizontally and vertically. Simply click and hold down the right mouse button anywhere in a window and move the mouse to scroll the window contents. This saves you the trouble of positioning the mouse cursor over a scroll bar and it allows scrolling both directions at the same time.

ScrollNavigator works with all windows that have standard scroll bars (e.g. all office programs, explorer windows and most other applications). ScrollNavigator also adds dynamic acceleration to your mouse wheel. This indispensable feature makes mouse wheel scrolling more accurate when you turn the wheel slowly, and it scrolls your documents much faster when you turn the wheel quickly. Try it out and see how wheel acceleration will make your work much more efficient and enjoyable. ScrollNavigator can also send mouse wheel messages directly to the window under the mouse cursor for faster scrolling without the need of clicking inside the window first.

Key Features
Two-dimensional scrolling with one mouse click
No need to position the mouse cursor on scroll bars
Works with all standard applications and most others
Pressing the "Ctrl" key temporarily disables scroll navigation
Dynamic mouse wheel acceleration (fully configurable)
Mouse wheel scrolling without activating the window under the mouse cursor
Fully customizable
Now with Windows 8 support!

System requirements
Supported operating systems:
Windows XP
Windows XP x64
Windows Vista
Windows Vista x64
Windows 7
Windows 7 x64
Windows 8
Windows 8 x64
Windows Server 2003
Windows Server 2003 x64
Windows Server 2008
Windows Server 2008 x64

Changes in DeskSoft ScrollNavigator 4.1.0:
New: option to disable / enable ScrollNavigator temporarily
New: right-clicking the tray icon will disable / enable ScrollNavigator temporarily
Fix: small user interface issues
Fix: unintentional view size change when scrolling the wheel and moving the cursor between windows

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