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Data: 14 Październik 2012
Kategoria: Archiwum

Runtime GetDataBack 4.32 FAT-NTFS Portable

GetDataBack is a software for hard drives, floppy drives, Jaz drives, Zip drives, Memory Sticks, Smart Media, Compact Flash, Secure Digital and Multi Media Cards only. GetDataBack is searching your hard drive to find one of the FAT (File Allocation Table). If no FAT is found GetDataBack will attempt the recovery without this information. In this case the possibility of bringing fragmented parts from all over the drive together gets smaller. Fragmentation in NTFS should not effect the results of the recovery. Information about a file's allocation is stored in a MFT entry (other than with a FAT file system, where this information is stored in the FAT). If the file shows up in the recovery tree, it should be recoverable. If it does not contain the expected data, you should review your selection in Step 2 of the software.

Size (RAR): 6 Mb 5% recovery record

Download Runtime GetDataBack 4.32 FAT-NTFS Portable (Appz) Eng+Rus

Download Runtime GetDataBack 4.32 FAT-NTFS Portable (Thinstall) Eng

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