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Data: 16 Sierpień 2012
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Home Plan Pro

Home Plan Pro | 3.83 Mb

Home Plan Pro provides a full array of graphic tool buttons to let you easily pick a tool or action. Once you choose a tool, Home Plan Pro tells you how to use it. You may use the mouse or keyboard, or both, to create your plan. Home Plan Pro gives you many choices for printing your plans. You may select a specific scale, or elect to have your plan printed at the largest size that will fit on the paper you select.

All the drawing power you will ever need.
- You can use the mouse, the keyboard, or a combination of both to build the plan.
- A full array of graphic drawing tools is provided, all you will ever need.
- A host of pre-drawn figures are included to represent furniture, fixtures, windows, doors and so forth. Just click and position the one you need.
- Save elements you have drawn for later use, even in other plans.
- Export plans to DXF files or common bitmap formats.
- Complete instructions are provided at every step; you simply cant go wrong.

And Theres More!
- A host of printing options are available. For example, a specific scale can be selected. Or your plan can be automatically fitted to the largest paper size available.
- With the built-in fax driver, you can fax your plans anywhere in the world.
- With the built-in Email server, you can attach your plans to messages and email them to friends and co-workers.
- Free updates can be automatically downloaded and installed with a click on a button; you will always have the latest enhancements at your finger tips.

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