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Data: 30 Styczeń 2012
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Ubuntu GamePack 11.04 [DVD5]

Ubuntu GamePack 11.04 [DVD5] | 2.88 GB
Disks contain only the game and do not contain the operating system, so the system requires pre-Ubuntu Desktop Linux 11.04 (or based on it, such as LinuxMint, Infra-Linux, SuperOS and date of birth).

Modern operating system is unthinkable without the games, and Ubuntu is no exception to ...

On four DVD discs collected more than 210 of the brightest games and entertainment programs. This kit was assembled from numerous interviews, and reviews on many Russian-speaking forums, so it is safe to say in the kit includes only the most popular and interesting games.

Kit will be interesting to gambling of any age. Here you play in classical chess and solve puzzles, perform aerobatic maneuvers at the controls of an airplane over the metropolis, racer feel, fight for space battles in boundless space, build a city and the enemies of postrelyate machine in the modern shooter.
Not forgotten and our youngest heroes. On disk is a colorful educational games for children from 5 years.
Also on the disc, there are popular online multiplayer clients online games.

There are games like quite demanding of computer resources, and requiring a modern processor and powerful 3D graphics card.

Installation of any game from the disks is not a complicated process, it can establish even those who are faced with Linux for the first time. The entire process is done by just a single click button "mouse", since everything is done in graphic mode. To work you must run the file located in the root directory.

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