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Data: 29 Styczeń 2012
Kategoria: Archiwum

Windows 7 Ultimate USB Stick Edition 2.0 x86 ENG 2011

Windows 7 Ultimate USB Stick Edition 2.0 x86 ENG 2011 | 1.83 GB

Have you ever wanted to run a real version of Windows 7 from a usb stick on any computer?
Now you can! Install Windows 7 Ultimate to your usb stick or drive, take it with
you - and run from (nearly) any computer (even modern Macs). Bring your entire
operating system, desktop, programs, games, files, personal settings, and much
more with you - everywhere! You can now carry your personal operating system in
a pocket!

This is not bartpe/winpe/livecd or anything similar! This is the first real and
full version of Windows 7 Ultimate which can be run on any computer (fast enough
to run Win7, 512+ Mb RAM, 1+ GHz CPU) from a USB/thumb drive ever created!

New in version 2.0:
-Lots of fixes, a completely new installer, can now be installed to any USB drive!

Additional info:
This is a fully functional and cracked copy of Windows 7 Ultimate x86. I dont
recommend updating it with Windows Update, as this can make the crack no longer
work, do it at your own risk. Bare in mind that most USB sticks are slower than
disks and that performance may suffer.

MD5 Checksum: 7d82eec7b076150cd5aa780c0ffb95fc

Included software:
Driver Genius Professional - quickly find the drivers you need
Chrome Plus [with adblock]- because Internet Explorer sucks...
Steam - now you can carry all your favorite games with you - everywhere!
Everest Ultimate - Get advanced information about your hardware
7zip - a free WinRAR replacement
uTorrent - never stop downloading and seeding!
CCleaner - easily free up disk space

Included tools:
Win7logon changer - change your logon background
Ultimate Win7 Tweaker
ProceXP - advanced task manager
PassRenew - change passwords, add/delete users on any computer that you start
your new portable Windows on!
Wingate - start programs without logging on, log on without password (can be
used for recovery (or evil) purposes)
GodMode - useful Windows 7 easter egg

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