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Windows 7PE (x86) Rescue Disk - Added Portable Apps (June 2011/ENG)

Windows 7PE (x86) Rescue Disk - Added Portable Apps (June 2011/ENG) | 668 MB

Most of the Applications on this 7PE ISO are Portable Applications, they were incorporated into the CD/ISO but you can run any other external Portable app as well.
If after booting up the CD some of your Hardware drivers were not recognized, go to "Administrative Tools --> Hardware" and run the items listed as 1,2 and 3

Most Portable Apps are up-to-date as June-2011.

The two Internet Browsers: IE8 and Firefox 3.6.13 are functional and Adobe Flash Player is working.
If you have 2 NICs in your PC and both of them are recognized, one will connect to the Internet and the other one has to be manually configured for your Private LAN. After that, you can connect to other resources on your LAN by using the command:

Net USE * \\Computer\SharedDirectory Password /USER:Computer\Username

Replace "Computer" by the Computer Name, "ShareDirectory" by the name of the directory/drive shared by that computer, "Password" is the one you use
To connect to that resource and "Computer\Username" is the user name you use to connect to that computer. You can create a file with the following

ECHO Begin Mapping Drives

Net use J: \\ComputerName\ShareName PASSWORD /USER:ComputerName\UserName
Net use K: \\ComputerName1\ShareName1 PASSWORD1 /USER:ComputerName1\UserName1

And name the file with the extension: .CMD (example: MapDrives.cmd)

The main Applications included on this CD/ISO are:
Network Config: PENetwork
File Browsers: Win Explorer, Q-Dir, FreeCommander
Video-Music: SMPlayer, CoolPlayer
Internet: IE8, Firefox
Antivirus: ClamWin, SPYDLL
AntiSpyWare: SpyBot, Sophos
RegCleaner: CCleaner
Documents: AbiWord, OpenOffice, Wordpad, Notepad++
PDF: FoxitReader
Search: SuperFinder (in Administrative Tools)

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