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Autor: Zipp8106
Data: 28 Styczeń 2012
Kategoria: Archiwum

Windows 7 Ultimate Fifa 2010 Xtreme Edition x86

Windows 7 Ultimate Fifa 2010 Xtreme Edition x86 | 2.43 GB

A fifa gift from Prince NRVL.
As fifa fever is going on I wanted something good to be there apart from just goals and tackles.. this would be pretty good stuff to have I think.

Added tweaks
- Dream Scenes are activated.
- God mode Present
- Registry Edit
Added Context items
- Administrative Tools
- Appearence
- Change cursor
- Change date and Time
- Change sound
- Change theme
- Change wallpaper
- Desktop Icons Settings
- DPI scaling
- Program and Features
- Registry Editor
- Screen Resolution
- System Properties
- Windows Colorization
- Hidden Files Toggle
- Screen Resolution
- Gadgets
- Godmode
Added Computer context
- Device manager
- Group Policy
- Manage
- Registry editor
- Services
New stuffs (added)
- New Start ORB
- New Startup screen
- New Startup sound
- New registry tweaks
- Full admin rights
- Tweaked Windows media player 12
- New themes
- New wallpapers
- All new AERO Effects are activated
- Take ownership
- New boot name
New softwares Added
- 7 Tweak By Neuropass (thanks to Neuropass)
- 7 zip
- Ccleaner
- Firefox
- Hidden files toggler
- Aero CMD
- KliteMega CoDec Pack
- Media Info GUI
- Microsoft Essentials
- ISO Maker
Added Xtras
- New interfaces like nVidia theme
- Twilight theme
- Data patched
- IP patched
- TCP Patched
- Run at full mode
- Bitlocker added with features
Whitelist drivers are added to make the system to run safely.

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