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Autor: Zipp8106
Data: 27 Styczeń 2012
Kategoria: Archiwum

Reallusion iClone PRO v4.3.1929.1 & Resource Library (2011/ENG)

Reallusion iClone PRO v4.3.1929.1 & Resource Library (2011/ENG)

iClone - program for creating 3D-animation. In it, users cmogut find ready-made 3D-characters, and all you need to create their virtual living space - clothing, props, scenery. In iClone is also a large library of motions that you can specify characters. But the most interesting features of the program - use of 3D-characters pictures of real people. It uses patented technology FaceTrix, converting a photo into 3D. The program interacts well with the editors of 2D-graphics, so goodbye texture editing, as well as support of 3ds Max or Maya, by which you can create libraries for the elements of the characters. All scenes can be visualized in real time based on topography, reflection and transparency. iClone projects can be taken seriously and used to work, but as a 3D-screensavers, screensavers for mobile phones and DVD with home video, they fit just fine.

Minimum System Requirements:
. Pentium4 2GHz
. 2GB free hard disk space
. Display Resolution: 1024 x 768
. Color Depth: True Color (32-bit)
. Graphics Card *: Support for DirectX 9.0c and Shader Model 3.0
. Video Memory: 256MB RAM

Recommended System Requirements: (iClone will have better performance in below recommended environment.)
. Dual core CPU or higher
. 2GB RAM or higher recommended
. 2GB free hard disk space or higher recommended
. Display Resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher
. Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 8 Series or higher or ATI HD 3000 Series or higher
. Video Memory: 512MB RAM or higher recommended
. Video card compatible with Pixel Shader 3.0 recommended for optimized visual performance.

Additional Requirements:
. 3-button mouse
. DirectX 9 and WMEncoder 9 are required for WMV exporting.
. Internet connection required for online activation.

* Photo Realistika 3D models quickly and easily;
* Easily create 3D pic;
* Personalize a virtual view, the nature, scale, body, hair, objects, clothes, accessories and structure;
* Animation of motion capture is similar to the reality of dance and natural human movement;
* Synchronization of Music - automatically sync motion to the rhythm of music;
* The editor of the Movement - the creative potential, which is not limited to your virtual possibilities when creating a model;
* Three-Legs;
* Support 2D/3D scenes.

Additional Information:
* The procedure for treatment. Substitute the serial number from Crack folder and run the reg-file.

Everyone who got carried away animmatsiey iClone offered additional resources. Were expressed wishes to obtain new resources that have appeared recently on the official site. All, of course, could not get it, but a significant part of - here.

The proposed library resources for Iclone contains backgrounds, accessories, characters, projects from among those that were not included in previous downloads of all versions Iclone and released in late 2010 - early 2011. Applications range MOTION gestures and textures. Exhibited at the request downloaded the iClone - a program for creating 3D-animation. Here the resources are sufficient to absorb the end of the year (unless new and do not fall into the hands of those who put them on our site.
The main house program in Windows XP is Programm Files / Reallusion / Template / iClone 4 Template / iClone Template
Mainly, the library is unpacked and prepared for getting to this folder. If there are problems - the program does not see the embedded resource - need to check the appropriate topology. Look at the expansion of the desired resource file and it becomes clear which folder Iclone it wants to see.
For example Connected 03.iprop must lie in the folder Props. How do I proceed by analogy.
I have the option to install Win7 resources: (for Windows 7 x64) c:/Users/Public/Documents/Reallusion/Template/iClone4Template/iClone Template/.
The most important thing - iClone4 should already be installed. And, looking into its working directory, you can specify the location layout of new resources.

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