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Data: 27 Styczeń 2012
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TurboTax Deluxe Federal and State 2011-SoSISO

TurboTax Deluxe Federal and State 2011-SoSISO | 185 MB
TurboTax is the #1-rated, best-selling1 tax software. It offers step-by-step guidance, like a GPS, to make it easy to get your maximum refund - guaranteed. TurboTax Deluxe includes additional features to help you find and maximize your deductions.

Simple Questions to Maximize Your Tax Deductions - You'll be asked simple questions about your income, family situation and changes in your tax situation and credits. Then, based on your answers, TurboTax will search for more than 350 deductions and credits to get you the biggest tax refund-guaranteed.
See Deduction Opportunities as You Go - See which tax deductions you've taken. Which deductions you haven't. TurboTax can tell you how to qualify for just about any deduction, so you don't miss any opportunities to save.
Get the Maximum Deduction for Donations - ItsDeductible (included) helps you accurately value items you donate to charity-no more guessing. Plus, it tracks other donations such as cash, mileage and stocks, to help you get every charitable deduction you're entitled to.
Life Events Expert - Changed jobs? Got married? Bought a home? Had a baby? TurboTax guides you through common life changes, explains how the changes will impact your taxes, and tells you what you can deduct.
Get Guidance with Your Medical Expenses - TurboTax does all the math and tells you if you qualify to deduct your medical expenses for maximum tax savings.

We Do the Hard Work for You
Easy Questions, Tailored to You - We ask questions in plain English and then put your answers on the right forms for you, including 1040EZ, 1040A, and 1040. TurboTax skips interview questions that don't apply to you, so you can finish your return faster.
Automatically Fill in W-2 and 1099 Info - Get your W-2 and 1099 data directly from over 400,000 partiCENZURAting employers and financial institutions. TurboTax automatically places it in the right tax forms. A brief summary lets you review and edit downloaded information if necessary.
Transfer Last Year's Tax Info - No retyping necessary. TurboTax fills in information from your previous year's return to help save time and increase accuracy. You'll be shown what you're importing and where it goes in your tax return.
Import Your Financial Data - Import information directly from ItsDeductible, so you can skip the cut and paste this year.
Continue at Your Own Pace - Save your progress. Do your taxes at your own pace, at any time of day.

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