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Autor: Zipp8106
Data: 24 Styczeń 2012
Kategoria: Archiwum

SOHO Organizer 9.2.3 Mac OSX

SOHO Organizer 9.2.3 Mac OSX | 78 Mb
SOHO Organizer is the official successor to Personal Organizer and Group Organizer and represents a 100% Cocoa rewrite of the former products. This means SOHO Organizer presents a first-class Mac OS X experience complete with all the features Mac OS X users expect: Aqua interface, Unicode compliance, built-in spell checking, Service support, etc. Finally, the true benefit of a complete Cocoa rewrite is that SOHO Organizer is built for the future and can easily accommodate future technologies (think Intel-based Macs).

SOHO Organizer makes managing customer relationships from phone calls and notes to appointments and to-dos easy. It embraces and leverages popular Mac OS X technologies and applications instead of trying to replace them. For example, it synchronizes seamlessly with the Address Book and iCal so that users can continue to use them and other applications that rely on their data. Users can thus use Apple's iSync to synchronize their contacts and calendars in SOHO Organizer to cell phones, iPods, Palm handhelds, and even .Mac.

58 ways SOHO Organizer helps you manage your life.


Automatic backups that can be customized for peace of mind
Tabbed interface keeps multiple contact & calendar views open
Use MobileMe to sync contacts & calendars between computers
Sync contacts & calendars to devices supported by iSync
Open multiple databases at once to organize contacts and calendars
Easily make text all upper-case, lower-case, capitalize
Auto-substitue smart quotes, dashes, links, data detectors
Simple or advanced boolean searching
Spelling and grammar checking for perfect notes


Record and attach audio notes to contacts
Record and attach video using your iSight camera to contacts
Personal contacts synchronize to the Address Book
Email from Apple Mail automatically links to contacts
Quickly insert the date and time into notes
Automatic contact linking helps you manage relationships
Find and manage duplicate contacts
Import or export your contacts as industry-standard vCards
Use the Alphabet Bar to quickly filter contacts like a phone book
Design and print custom contact card reports
Log incoming and outgoing phone calls and SMS messages
Contact Card supports flexible layouts, themes, zooming
Capture and attach photo using your iSight camera to contacts
Ages are automatically calculated in the Contact Card
Organize contacts into groups and sub-groups
Auto-completion helps you quickly enter contact information
Unlimited tag assignments with instant tag searching
List view lets you sort, filter, and edit contacts
Create and attach unlimited notes to contacts
Create and attach events and tasks to contacts
Dial using a Bluetooth phone, modem, or your speakers
Automatic employee linking to organizations
Generate maps using Google or MapQuest services
Automatic name parsing helps you enter names more easily
Establish named relationships between multiple contacts
Email contacts using your default email client
Enter unlimited custom fields for individual contacts


View your schedule right on your desktop
Year view makes it easy to see an entire year at a glance
Subscribe to calendars published on the Internet.
Publish your calendar on the Internet so others can view it
Customize the color and style of day, week, and month calendars
Super-Month view displays an unlimited number of weeks
Design and print custom event/task reports
Sort the master task list by priority, due date, etc.
Track daily events, conversations, travel expenses, etc.
Week view lets you view 5 to 14 days of your schedule at once
Attach attendees to your events and tasks
Assign alarms to your events and tasks
Import/Export industry-standard vCal files
Day view contains event, task, and daily notes regions
Schedule tasks that repeat, e.g. the fifth of each month
All your personal calendars stay perfectly synchronized with iCal
Tasks show up directly in Day, Week, and Month views
List view lets you sort and edit events and to-dos
Print Day, Week, and Year calendars
Supports Hebrew, Buddhist, Islamic, and Japanese calendars
Connect to CalDAV servers to share public calendars
Journal view makes it easy to keep a daily diary

Requires Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later

Version 9.2.3:
Fixed problem reading contact photos from iCloud
Fixed problem where an iCloud account sometimes showed up as read-only when offline
Fixed problem that caused tasks in subscribed calendars to not be updated
Fixed problem that caused events with detachments in subscribed calendars to be incorrectly assigned a calendar
Fixed problem with Show Card command in Attendees field not working
Fixed problem deleting contact groups

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