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Autor: Zipp8106
Data: 24 Styczeń 2012
Kategoria: Archiwum

AWicons Pro v10.3 Portable

AWicons Pro v10.3 Portable | 14.4 MB
AWicons Pro offers professional graphics editing tools in conjunction with ready-to-use effects and small graphics optimization feature. The software story that started with rather simple icons editor comes up to a culmination as version 10 hits the graphics editing applications market.

Multilingual interface
Free Aero Icons and 3D Artistic Icons collections
Full Windows Vista/7 icon support
Full Windows XP icon support
Loading icons/cursors (ico, cur, ani)
Loading and saving images in many formats (png, gif, bmp, jpg)
Editing icons in executables
Working with icons library (icl)
All color formats supported (mono, 16, 256, true-color, true-color with alpha)
Scan drives for icons, cursors and graphics
Many drawing tools (pen, line, ellipse, polygon, text, colors replace and etc.)
Many drawing modifiers (anti-aliasing, multi-color gradient, transparency and etc.)
Many standard and artistic effects (Contrast, Brightness, Blur, Rotate, 3D Shadow, Aqua and etc.)
Import from large image (png, gif, jpg, bmp) with filters
Import from bitmaps resources from executables (exe, dll and etc.)
All sizes up to 256x256 supported
Plug-in that allow to export image with transparency directly from Adobe Photoshop into AWicons
Editing pictures containing image list, which use for creating various controls (toolbars, trees, tabs etc.)

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