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Autor: Zipp8106
Data: 16 Grudzień 2011
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Windows 7 Ultimate Firekeeper SP1

Windows 7 Ultimate Firekeeper SP1 | 3.99 GB

04. clean
05. create partition primary
06. select partition 1
07. active
08. fmat fs=fat32
09. assign
10. exit
Now to copy Windows Seven's DVD content to the Flash Drive
Simply type in CMD the following command to start copying all the content from the Windows Vista/7 DVD to your newly fmatted high speed flash drive.
xcopy /s/e/f F:\*.* H:\
where F is your dvdrom daemontools virtual dvdrom and H is the letter your usb stick
(F and H are just f example - your letters might be different so pay attantion!)
Note x64 boot is diffrent than x86 32bit boot so you really need to make all these steps if
you use the same usb key where you have x86 win.
boot up install enjoy
use ultraiso to put iso image to usbkey - also wks with win 2k, xp
How to activate office:
On C: drive I put a hidden folder called IT - i'll explain below it's purpose
So after install win and all the drivers do not update windows yet, go to C:\IT
Because IT folder is hidden you may type in a expler window in addresbar C:\IT and hit enter...
There you have OTK2010V216.rar and IORRT 3.5.cmd
Option 1: Unrar and use EZactivat to have activated office with 180 days till next activation
Option 2: Use IORRT to have unactivated office with 30 days reset counter on every restart fever

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