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Data: 4 Grudzień 2011
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IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite 2012 HF1 14.0

IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite 2012 HF1 14.0 | 1.01 GB
IronCAD 2012 is the undisputed productivity leader when it comes to moving creative ideas into full production-ready 3D reality. IronCAD is the pioneer of a breakthrough Creative Design approach that delivers a level of design freedom unmatched in the industry today.

IronCAD History
The Company was founded March 2001 as an independent spin off from Alventive, Inc. as a strategic move to refocus business and development efforts on bringing innovative design tools to the market. The Companies flagship product IronCAD was originally released in June 1998 by a company called Visionary Design Systems (VDS), based on technology it acquired from 3D/EYE, Inc. in 1997. Since its release in June 1998, IronCAD has received many of the industries top awards for technology innovation. The combination of IronCAD?s innovative technology and its ease of use have helped it to become the most productive creative design environment available.

Since 2001 IronCAD?s market presence has experienced significant growth, especially internationally through an enhanced local presence and the formation of strategic OEM relationships. Through the formation of a joint venture with CAXA, a large Chinese PLM Solutions Company IronCAD has gained a major foothold in the lucrative China market and the additional resources required to take IronCAD to the next level.


IRONCAD is the productivity leader when it comes to moving creative ideas into full 3D reality. It utilizes a breakthrough Creative Design approach that delivers a level of design freedom unmatched in the industry today. IRONCAD is the tool of choice for design engineers when deadlines are tight and a high degree of unantiCENZURAted change is to be expected. It provides a fresh alternative to today's history based parametric only systems by providing the additional capability of a radical new drag and drop 3D environment that delivers unmatched ease-of-use, and superior productivity.

IRONCAD, since its introduction, has received many awards because of its innovation in the areas of 3D design. It allows a new engineering user to be productive after only a few days while allowing unprecedented productivity for the experienced user. IRONCAD was engineered from the ground up with visual drag and drop concepts at its core, intuitively extending familiar Windows concepts into 3D. The result is a solid modeling solution that is more productive in Creative 3D Design than any of today?s leading CAD systems.

IRONCAD 2012 "Next Generation" is the next evolution of the most productive design tool in the industry today. The 2012 release focused on the existing capabilities of the application to streamline the process making the overall productivity even faster for designers. Users will immediately feel the impact of the reduction of mouse-clicks and mouse navigation travel. Furthermore, these streamlined processes bring additional flexibility and capabilities to the design process taking tedious tasks down to simple operations.

In addition to the productivity improvements, focus was placed heavily on achieving even greater customer satisfaction through continuous improvements of stability, quality, and performance of the application. This release includes over a 1,000 enhancements to the quality of the application and has improved performance achieving gains from 20% to 50% improvement.

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