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Autor: Zipp8106
Data: 24 Listopad 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

Rankin Audio Ultimate Dubstep WAV & NI Massive Presets

Rankin Audio Ultimate Dubstep WAV & NI Massive Presets
'Ultimate Dubstep' is the latest dose from Rankin Audio. As far back as the dark ages, men (and some women) have battled valiantly in a quest for the Ultimate Dubstep. Few have even come close. But now, in the year 2011, against all the odds, Rankin Audio has found, captured and tamed the 'Ultimate Dubstep'.

Weighing in at just under one GB of thumping sounds, 'Ultimate Dubstep' includes 50 NI Massive presets, 55 single bass hits, 6 perfectly processed drum kits, including High Rankin's personal kick and snare prized from his tightly gripped mits.

Enough synth riffs, FX, textures and risers to choke a dozed David Dickensons and all the basslines you'll need to quite literally dominate your friendship group make this a must-have pack!

Technical Specifications:

- 24-Bit Quality
- 878 MB

Product Contains:
- 71 Bassloops
- 103 Bleepy Synth Riffs
- 67 Single Drum Hits
- 47 FX and Risers
- 50 Glitch Loops
- 20 Glitch Vocal Loops
- 19 Pads and Textures
- 55 Single Bass Hits
- 17 Synth Loops
- 50 Percussion Loops
- 50 NI Massive Presets for version 1.3.0+

Please ensure you have the latest version of Massive to use these presets.

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