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Data: 23 Listopad 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

Windows XP Professional SP3 VL (AHCI - RAID) Deutsch

Windows XP Professional SP3 VL (AHCI - RAID) Deutsch | 689 MB

Building on the basis of net distribution in Windows XP Professional Corporate Service Pack 3 Deutsch with updates and drivers AHCI - RAID

The TCP / IP patching for 500 half-open connections. Uxtheme.dll patched for installing the failure to sign the order.
Integrated a lot of themes. IE - version 7 (with WU proposed to install IE-8 upgrade, who need higher version of IE -7, refresh yourself).

In addition:
WMP - 11 version.
HashTab (checksum).
Vista Drive (drive icons).
Tweaker control panel.
Package of MSST Simliksa.
System libraries for selection on the T-13:
Windows XP Professional SP3 VL (AHCI - RAID) Deutsch Windows XP Professional SP3 VL (AHCI - RAID) Deutsch
If in doubt, with a choice - just do not touch, leave the checkboxes as they are.

Updates to October 2011.
Apply some tweaks to configure the interface:
Show hidden files, view-table, etc.
System settings and services are not tvikalis.

Install only in manual mode, the key input is not necessary.
In the root directory has a file with the keys and the utility to replace a key on a live system. Utility in the archive password for the archive - a file with the keys.


1. Removed. Net Framework 1.1 (folder DOTNETFX), installation of the system libraries from the updated version. Net Framework 1.1 to version. Net Framework 3.5 is available for selection on the T-13 graphic stage of installation.
2. Removed the Windows XP upgrade from earlier versions of operating systems.

Extras. Information: Registry Tweaks applied at first logon, launch. reg file is registered in the section [GuiRunOnce] answer file. Therefore, some tweaks will be applied only after a forced reboot by the user. I recommend a reset before posleduschey work with (install drivers, install software, etc.)
All further put the drivers that you have in store in advance (the first one - the driver for the chipset).

On the file:
Enabling | reg code: not required
Language: German
File Format: iso
Platform: x86

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