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Dead Island v1.3 *update 5* (2011/MULTI2/RePack by Ultra)

Dead Island v1.3 *update 5* (2011/MULTI2/RePack by Ultra) | 2.23 GB
PC Game | Eng Rus | Developer : Techland | Publisher : Deep Silver / Akella
Genre : Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person

"Dead Island" - tourists who had to face the reanimated corpses on vacation on a tropical resort The Royal Palms Resort in Papua - New Guinea. Players will learn the cause of infection and as soon as possible to escape from a dangerous island to save their lives. Unlike the heroes of the Left 4 Dead 2, caught in a similar situation in Dead Island to fight the zombies have all the means at hand: pipes, brooms, baseball bats, machetes. Get hold of firearms and ammunition will not be easy.

"You have to live through the horror of a zombie invasion, controlling the character of first-person
Co-op mode for up to 4 players
ability to repair, modify and create weapons from scrap materials
, "The action takes place on the resort island in the open. The study of the world is not limited to the scenario game
"The ability to develop a character on your own
, "Horde horrific zombies
Features repack
"Do not cut / no recoded
RePack made ??by Steam-Rip from RG Gamers (21/10/2011)
"The game has been updated to version v.1.3.0
"to keep the original files (folder / Original)
"added to the program for the game via the Internet (SteamInstall and SmartSteam, folder / Redist)
"Installation of 20 minutes
three installation options:
1. Full Russian version
2. Full English version
3. Russian (text) + English (voice) Author repack : Ultra
Description of patch 1.3 (update 5)
Improve the gameplay:
Maximum - 60.
New drawings of modifications.
Reduced damage Infected.
Infected no longer interrupt the attack player.
A number of enhancements for repeat passages:
Award of XP for quests increased.
Reward of XP for the test increased.
on In the following passages XP is awarded for every quest completed in co-op.
The number of rounds carried by Twin increased by 50%.
Characteristics of a character from a saved game can now be downloaded at the beginning of a new game with any chapter.
A new balance: the level of the enemy now runs for each player co-op.
Players respawn with a lot of health
The level of skill required to open the locks, is now clearly indicated.
A rare items in boxes with a gun.
No empty boxes with a gun.
Corrections and interface improvements:
Fixed: players no longer remain without a weapon after throwing an object and use first aid kit.
Fixed: after consuming energy drinks equipped items do not disappear mysteriously.
Tweak: use of kits of equipment works better.
Fixed loot from slain enemies will now always the same for all members of the cooperative .
Fixed: The guys do not finish his anger with his fists.
Fixed: Track on the map after his death.
Fixed: Data on the quarantine zone (City Moresby).
Tweak: respawn point selection is now more intelligent.
Improved stability and network performance in a cooperative.
Added option V-Sync.
Implemented fix quests and rewards.

System requirements:
v Operating system: Windows XP SP3 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 Processor
v: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66 GHz
v RAM: 2 GB
v Video: ATI 2600XT with 512MB VRAM (GeForce 8600GT)
v Sound Card: Sound card compatible with DirectX 9.0
v Free Hard Disk Space: 10.45 GB

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