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Data: 18 Listopad 2011
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Bit Defender Internet Security & Total Security 2012 + Key till 2045

Bit Defender Internet Security & Total Security 2012 + Key till 2045 | 1.2 GB
Bitdefender capitalizes on live and virtualized behavior-based detection, in addition to cloud-based services, to stop emerging e-threats that other products miss.

1) Uninstall from the PC any Antivirus or Security Suite or any previous BitDefender version and restart the PC.
2) Download the chosen BitDefender 2012 security product installer only from the appropriate BitDefender direct links furnished above.
3) Since some problems with the installation process of BitDefender 2012 have been experienced, please check that no devices are connected to the USB ports of the PC (mainly pendrives or external USB HDDs).
4) To expedite the installation process, it is recommended to disconnect the PC from Internet and begin installation by executing the downloaded installer with administration privileges.
5) During installation process, choose "I want to evaluate this product" and enter a fake e-mail (always observe e-mail format standard).
6) Restart the PC if you are asked to do so (normally this occurs when malware is found while the PC is scanned by BitDefender during installation).
7) Renable Internet connection and update BitDefender.
8) Download the Patch by BOX 3.1 ("Box_BD2011_3.1.rar") from any of the above furnished links to the Desktop. However, if BitDefender 2012 doesn' t allow you to download the Patch by BOX 3.1 or deletes the executable when you try to extract it from the compressed file you have downloaded, proceed as follows:
Disable BitDefender 2012 Real-Time protection: Click "Settings" and then click the following tabs => Antivirus => OnAccess scanning (switch it "OFF") and select your required time from the popup window, and and also switch "Active Virus Control" to "OFF", if it ON, and then download the Patch by BOX 3.1 (Thanks to chintuishero for this tutorial on how to Disable Real-Time protection).

9) Restart the PC in Windows Safe Mode (when the BIOS post ends, start taping the F8 key repeatedly). If you cannot succeed to start the PC in Safe Mode by taping the F8 key, then proceed as follows:

Click the Start orb => "All Programs" => "Accessories" => "Run" => type "msconfig" and click "OK" => The "System Configuration" window will open (provided that you have administrator's privileges) and click the "Boot" tab => In the "Boot Options" area, tick "Safe boot" ("Minimal" will appear selected by default), then click "OK" and restart the PC (NB: After patching BitDefender when you restart the PC, msconfig startup settings will revert automatically to their original configuration: Windows Normal Mode).

10) Once in Safe Mode, extract to the Desktop the file "Box_BD2011.exe" from the downloaded compressed file which contains the patch by BOX 3.1.
11) Right click "Box_BD2011.exe" and run it with Administrator's privileges and click the "Year 2045" button. Then wait until you are advised that the patching process has finished successfully.
12) Now restart the PC in Windows Normal Mode and your BitDefender will be registered for more than 12000 days.

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