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Najgoretsze wstawki

Autor: Zipp8106
Data: 18 Listopad 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

Afterfall: InSanity (2011/ENG/Demo)

Afterfall: InSanity (2011/ENG/Demo) | 1.92 GB
PC Game | English | Developer: Intoxicate Studios | Publisher: The Games Company
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 3rd Person

Afterfall:Shadow of the Past - a psychological survival horror, offering fans ofthe genre through the blood stirring adventure in an atmosphere ofoverwhelming terror. Caught in the dark underground bunkers, of whichthere is no escape, players pripodnimut veil of secrecy under whichhides much more than just the madness of slum shelters. During theinvestigation, they will face with a difficult riddles and come intoconfrontation with the cruel monsters, they often have to make difficultdecisions. Cope well with extremely difficult and dangerous task willnot only reflexes, but also the ability to think logically and theability to use deductive method.

* In analternate world full of World War II ended quite differently than inraelnosti, and this has had an enormous impact on the future course ofhistory.
* The psychological state of the protagonist is constantly changing depending on the game of perfect actions and decisions.
*The level of adrenaline hero depends on the environment and currentevents. When Albert in tone, it becomes faster and stronger. But if hewill long be in a critical situation, the player will lose control ofyour character. The hero can even take his own life, unable to withstandstress.
* The combat system allows you to use in addition tofirearms and more melee weapons, including two-handed. Sensitive controlsystem detects the slightest movement of the mini-joystick or mouse, sothe attack is carried out exactly in the direction of a given player.
* Only overcome all obstacles and endure all the trials, players will learn the truth about what happened to the protagonist.
*In the dark post-apocalyptic world, all events are interconnected, andthe madness of its inhabitants - only part of the mystery Afterfall.
* A series of unexpected and intriguing and very mysterious events will keep players in suspense until the unpredictable ending.

System requirements:
* Operating system Windows XP (SP 2) / Vista / 7;
* Dual Core Processor with 2 GHz;
* 2 GB (for XP) / 3 GB (for Vista / 7) of RAM;
* Graphics card with 256 MB VRAM GeForce 8600GT, DirectX 9 compatible and supports Pixel Shader 3.0;
* Sound card compatible with DirectX 9;
* 2.5 GB free hard disk space;
* Device for reading DVD;
* Keyboard and mouse.

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