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Sibelius ver. Win SW MUlti

Sibelius ver. Win SW MUlti | 557 MB
Sibelius is perhaps the best musical editor, for this is difficult to add something. Sibelius 6 is a giant leap forward in software for composers, teachers, students, arrangers, musicians and copyists of all kinds. The ability to create beautiful professional score. Synchronization with sequencers and DAW thanks to the support ReWire. Beautiful windows piano keyboard and guitar neck will do the job even easier. Simple chord symbols and display chords for guitar.

Regardless of musical style, Sibelius 6 essentially easier to write notes and give you more time to concentrate on music. And new features like "Panorama" will help you not to think about pages when you write or make arrangements, but simply afford to concentrate on creative thought.

A hub of ideas (Ideas Hub)
Ideas are priceless, thats why Sibelius gives you the Ideas Hub (Ideas Hub) a simple tool for collecting, labeling, search and consolidate your musical creations. With Ideas Hub, youll never have to regret forgotten flash of inspiration. Like our own ideas, Ideas Hub (Ideas Hub) has built a base of more than 2,000 readymade ideas. They cover almost all musical styles and will help to ensure the influx of inspiration for your compositions.

Support for VST and Audio Units
A huge number of vendors offer tools such as VST and Audio Unit and now Sibelius can use any of them to play music! So you can listen to their scores using the most advanced sound libraries.

Panorama (Panorama)
New, more intuitive way of viewing music in Sibelius. Instead of cutting into systems and pages, the music is presented as a single infinitely wide strip far easier to read and which is much easier to navigate. So now you can concentrate entirely on the notes, and forget about page layout at least until you get to publish it.

Easy cues & instrument changes
Creating a small Rashtriya by parts has now become a matter of minutes. Just copy the music you want to get as Rashtriya, and choose Paste As Cue (insert as Rashtriya). The rest will take care of Sibelius. And similarly it is easy now there is a change to your score.

Full control over layout
Sibelius also offers a complete and easy control over the layout, including the numbering of the panels and pages, blank pages, sheet music field, and so on making the production of the beautiful score is easier than ever.
As part of this product, you can create your own music CD and publish music online. Sibelius has an intuitive interface and huge number of features (choice of 1700 highquality patterns, sounds, and instrumental parts, lyrics, etc.). Stunning new fonts in the manuscript style, chord symbols, note names, functional analysis, obsolete and avant garde symbols, new plugins with the option to cancel the last operation ... and much more, all this is in the Sibelius.

Title: Sibelius
Version: v6.2.0.88
Operating System: Windows
Language: Multilang

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