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ETKA 7.0 Last Updates 2011

ETKA 7.0 Last Updates 2011 | 2.98 GB
Working with brands SEAT and SKODA
Updates for E-Catalog ETKA 7.0 from c: AU598 -, SE127 -, SK133 -, VW598 -.

Due to some errors in the initialization files when you first start the program available brand SEAT and SKODA.
Run the file AKTE7Mfs.exe
Password when you update: AKTEForum.TK

[Drive:] - drive that put ETKA
1) Copy the update files into the correct folder and be sure to remove the attribute from files READ ONLY.
AUDI. Files in eupdAUxxxD.exe [drive:] \\ etka \\ data \\ AU \\ update
VOLKSWAGEN. Files in eupdVWxxxD.exe [drive:] \\ etka \\ data \\ VW \\ update
SEAT. Files in eupdSExxxD.exe [drive:] \\ etka \\ data \\ SE \\ update
SKODA. Files in eupdSKxxxD.exe [drive:] \\ etka \\ data \\ SK \\ update
xxx - room upgrade.
Updates are placed only in order, skipping updates are not allowed (ie, 598, 599, 600, rather than 598, 600 ...)
Password when you update: AKTEForum.TK or avaf
2) Change the settings for each car brand.
Click on the logo of the brand in the main menu.
UTILITY button, INI-EDITOR button, the Update section, sub-DATA.
Mark LAN / WAN
Specify the server - [drive:] \\ etka \\ data \\ XX \\ update (where XX - mark AU, VW, SE, SK).
Finish button.
Check and install updates when you restart the program or if you press the UPDATE to the main menu

Request information on VIN
1) Change the settings for each car brand.
Click on the logo of the brand in the main menu.
UTILITY button, the button INI-EDITOR, THE INTERNET section, subsection vehicle identification.
Part MAKE A NUMBER IN MEMORY CHASSIS paragraph WAY specified, which will persist the data. Files in this folder are of the form. Txt
The fifth position (separated by a semicolon) in these files - the number of the engine, which in itself is not shown ETKE.
Finish button.
2) Copy the files
[Drive:] \\ etka \\ prog \\ MkbList.cds in [drive:] \\ etka \\ prog \\ MkbListF.cds
[Drive:] \\ etka \\ prog \\ GkbList.cds in [drive:] \\ etka \\ prog \\ GkbListF.cds.
3) Request for VIN is as follows:
Click on the logo of the brand in the menu bar

ETKA7 ceased to make inquiries on the VIN on the Internet
The only caveat - it is better not spread the outcome of his work to anyone. And then stop working. Ie each is best to do the original version, not a copy.
So, take lexhdl5.dll (is that 4096 bytes), 4-digit number come up (maybe you can and come up with a digit, but I have not tested).
Just do not 1234, because the match.
For example 7531 (this number is too juzat not worth it - let it be yours, dear, unique!). In Hex-oh this is 1D6B, and "Intel's" way of writing - 6B1D
Open lexhdl5.dll any hex-editor'om.
As at 42A and 42B change the bytes at 6B and 1D, respectively.
Addresses A94-A97 is the text version of this issue - it can change and do not need, even probably true, but so easy to determine what number is now in dll-ke is driven in and change it.
Ie at these locations, we put 37 35 33 31, ie, in the text that will be our 7531
Save the dll-ku, and check in Etke - works!
If does not work - doing the same thing, but come up with a different number (again, mention that the max. Number of bytes I have not studied, more than 2 - that's for sure, but 3 or 4 - I do not know).
I advise you in advance zabekapit original dll-ku somewhere else.

Crack LexCom
To serial number Hardlock not sent to the server should be in the files LexCom ETKA_AU.INI, ETKA_SE.INI, ETKA_SK.INI and ETKA_VW.INI correct line Internet_Http = / servlet/EtkaJournal4 on Internet_Http = / servlet /

Added fixes after zagrupki updates au772 se300 sk306 vw772
Works filtering VIN, function works 'Advanced Search' (binoculars) and "List of selected items" (basket)

Error updating
With a compressed NTFS drive and turned off indexing files on the disk - not updated for some unknown reason put

When you reinstall after uninstall ETKA to remove the folder [drive:] \\ etka and file \\ etkinst.ini

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