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Autor: Zipp8106
Data: 6 Listopad 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

Live USB v.6.0 Alkid, MicroPE, Acronis, Password Changer, ZverDVD for FAT32

Live USB v.6.0 Alkid, MicroPE, Acronis, Password Changer, ZverDVD for FAT32 | 3.52 GB
MultibootUSB flash drive, which included Alkid, MicroPE, Acronis, PasswordChanger, XP, and WPI (abridged) as well as assembly ZverDVD v.2011.9.This release presents two image file USB ImageNTFS.GHO andImageFAT32.GHO, c first is much faster to copy files, but it does notstick at all can stand up, a second slower but more reliable - a swingset and its up to you .

- Alkid LiveCD, Windows XP and WPI from Zver
- WPI cut the developer stick to their needs
- No additional software is integrated and assembled in the folder My soft,
- Installed Acronis BootCD Collection

Installation (by author):
Installingthe wind in two stages (as in many of these USB flash drives) I havenot turned out, so Ive done on this game so - first, as usual, butduring the first reboot, ship MicroPE (it loaded faster than Alkid) andchange the file C: Boot.ini one digit (in two places) rdisk (1) tordisk (0), (dubbed it in the menu GRUBa, though in English) reboot andeverything is on the first menu item, Download Windows NT/2K/XP. If theWPI does not start itself, then click File WPI WPI.hta the root stick.
So- take a clean (or with unnecessary information), stick to 4 Giga(tested at Kingston DataTraveler 410 and just Kingston DataTraveler).
Folder Soft:
1)Run the file HPUSBFW.EXE. In the window that appears, select, in itsparagraph Device USB flash drive (look for the size), and paragraph,select File System system Fat32 or NTFS (though some shook their image,although it may not matter), then click on the button Start, reaffirmour intention to format a USB flash drive, after formatting click Ok andClose.
2) prescribes the MBR flash - open the folder, start theapplication grubinst grubinst_gui.exe. In the window that appears,select the item and our Disk flash drive and click the button Install,then Enter, at the end of Quit.
And so unpleasant that might happen.In some USB flash drives, sometimes flies out error, in this case willrun from the command line grubinst.exe with the following parameters:
c: / grubinst / grubinst.exe - skip-mbr-test (hdN)
Instead,we must substitute the N number of flash drives, for example (hd1). Tofind out what number is in the flash drive as follows. Right-click theMy laptop -> Computer Management -> Disk Management.
WARNING!If you lohaneshsya and instead of flash shall indicate to the systemdisk, then the MBR will be changed and the system will boot from a stop.
3)Write the image to stick - run Ghost32.exe click OK, then Local - Disk -From Image, find the file ImageFAT32.GHO or ImageNTFS.GHO (thosewho believe that the flash drive and the mother will work with NTFS ),click on its flash drive (find it in size), click OK, OK, then Yes -the process has begun, after the harvest Sontinue and close the program.
USB flash drive is ready!

Changes in version 6.0
1 - New version of The Beast - updated anti-virus software and
2 - removed the from WPI Photoshop (not incurred in the 4 Giga, who is in need Addings).

System requirements:
Processor 300 MHz or higher
Memory: 512 MB RAM or higher
Free space on HDD 5 GB

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