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Autodesk Softimage 2011 ( x32/x64 ) Windows & Linux ISO (Eng/Jap)

Autodesk Softimage 2011 ( x32/x64 ) Windows & Linux ISO (Eng/Jap) | 2.96 GB

AutodeskSoftimage - a solution for 3D modeling, animation, rendering andcompositing, optimized for maximum convenience of the artist. DevelopersAutodesk Softimage 2011 have increased productivity and bettermanagement of data, implemented a set of tools for facial animation,Autodesk Face Robot , as well as functions for managing complex scenes.
NewAutodesk Softimage 2011 : - Architecture GigaCore III - Face Robot Kit -New tools for creating custom components for systems of ICE - A new setof tools for searching the scenes - A new debugger scenes - PerformanceMonitor added to the graph ICE - Interactive feature shift normals -New text editors, including a popular component Scintilla
Year : 2010 Version : 2011
Developer : Autodesk
Inc Platform : Microsoft Windows XP & Vista & Windows 7
Compatibility with Windows 7 : complete
Language : only English
Crack : present (see last screenshot) so far only for Windows versions.

System requirements (currently available only in English)
Autodesk Softimage 2010 Software is supported on the following operating Systems:
- Microsoft Windows Vista Business operating System, SP1 (Recommended operating System for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows)
- Microsoft Windows XP Professional operating System 32 -bit, SP3 - Microsoft Windows XP Professional 64-bit, SP2
-Linux 64-bit operating system; Fedora Core 8 operating System(Recommended Linux Distribution) Hardware To run Autodesk Softimage in2010 you will require a system with the following hardware configuration: - Intel Pentium D (at a Minimum) - Dual Core Processor or HigherWorkstation (Intel or AMD Processors) (recommended) - Qualifiedhardware-accelerated OpenGL 5/1 (2.0 & Higher recommended)Professional graphics Card with Latest Driver graphics available on thevendors website - DirectX 9.0c Application Programming interface andHigher (recommended for Support of the Advanced features of DirectX 9and DirectX 10 Application Programming interface) - 1 GB free hard drivespace. Setup Requires Additional Temporary disk space for your SystemsTemporary folder When decompressing Files During a Installation. - TCP /IP Service Protocol installed on Both client and Server computers. - 2GB of RAM minimum and recommended for 32-bit operating Systems - 4 GB ofRAM minimum for 64-bit operating systems. 8 GB of RAM recommended. -1280 x 1024 screen Resolution recommended - Three-button mouse - A Webbrowser to View Any HTML Documentation - Microsoft Internet Explorer Internet browser version 05/05 or later to use the Net View tool -Network Adaptor with Internet Connection for licensing (non-Internetconnected licensing is supported Also) - A DVD Drive if Installing theSoftware or browsing the Media from the Softimage.

Key Features
- ICE (Interactive Creative Wednesday, Interactive Creative Environment)
- Face Robot Kit
- A generalized transport operator attributes (Generalized Attribute Transfer Operator, GATOR)
- Functions of compositing and drawing
- Features and Ultimapper RenderMap
- UV unwrapping
- Tool to simplify polygons

Extras. information :
1. When installing do not require a connection to the Internet - check in person (see screenshots).
2. The distribution is fully tested by me personally and fully functional .
3. Product description from the official site: 4. Updates & Service Packs

Softimage_2011_x32.iso - af9a8ff7be4f0fa018c91b0c6d1473e2
Softimage_2011_x64.iso - e8f9756882257ff21bf9893025f7462e
Autodesk_Softimage_2011_English_Linux_64bit.tar - 1e065f3372e044a904a6bb339748949a

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