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Black & White - FLT (Full Rip/2001)

Black & White - FLT (Full Rip/2001) | 601 MB
PC | 2001 | Developer : Lionhead Studios | Publisher : EA Games
Genre : Strategy

Black and White presents a unique and original take on the strategy god sim by blending two distinct gameplay mechanics into a seamless whole. The result could be one of the most stunning experiences in the history of computer gaming.The game is set in the fantastical realm of Eden, a fully 3D world that acts as your canvas. Your godly power is derived from your minions, the villagers of your tribe. They are your mana source, your resource pool, and ultimately, your guinea pigs to protect or destroy.

The games 3D engine is nothing short of breathtaking, with absolutely gorgeous textures and brilliant lighting effects. You can zoom in to watch the action up close, or pull out to gaze upon Eden from space. With dead on physics modeling, Eden is an eerily real playground.Black and White follows a three book story that will present the gamer with dozens of challenges and ethical crossroads. For instance, a worshipper has lost her brother in the woods and pleads for your mercy and aid. Do you help the woman by rescuing the brother, or kill the scurrilous peon for having the gall to ask a personal favor? Grab the brother and drag him back to the womans home. Or just drop a boulder on her head and wash your hands of the whole mess. The choice, and the manner of its undertaking, is up to you.

Battling adversarial deities is paramount to your success, and over the course of the game (and especially in multi player), youll encounter other gods. To maintain power, you must both protect your worshippers and vanquish your enemy. From fireballs and lightning storms to benevolent healing spells, magic plays a key role in your heavenly rule. Incorporating a unique gesture system, spells can be made more powerful by specific mouse initiated movements. It actually looks like youre casting!

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Black and White is the role of the creature, a special unit that acts as your physical manifestation on Eden. Over time, the creature will grow from a normal sized unit
into a towering titan. The creature learns from your actions; do good deeds and the creature will behave like a teddy bear; act like Satan and the creature will morph into a hideous monster. And like life, there is a plethora of shades in between.

Connect to the Internet and challenge friends to eight person multiplayer action
Use miracles to command obedience from your followers and to create incredible destruction throughout the land
Select and raise your creatures to destroy everything or nurture the land and your citizens

Intel Pentium II or AMD K6 2 350MHz Processor
500MB free Hard Disk Space
8MB Direct3D compatible Video Card
DirectX compatible Sound Card
DirectX 7

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