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Data: 4 Październik 2011
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Dive to the Titanic (2011/PC/ENG)

Dive to the Titanic (2011/PC/ENG) | 946 MB

Visit the most iconic shipwreck of all time as you descend deep into the ocean abyss to explore the remains of the Titanic.
The proud vessel, sent to the depths of the ocean after a catastrophic iceberg collision that still captures imaginations today.
Using the mini-submarine, "Nephron" travel 4000 metres to the sea bed, catching your first glimpse of this once great liner.

Using your freely controllable robot camera, explore deep into what was the most luxurious vessel in the world, as echoes of the
Titanic's date with destiny accompany you as explore every room and staircase. It takes real skill to operate the robot so be sure
to avoid collisions and damage!
Your once in a lifetime visit to the Titanic forms part of a gripping adventure story as you shoot rare photos and raise artefacts
from her watery tomb. Every artefact has a story to tell - heroism and heartbreak, she saw it all that fateful night in 1912.

Invest the income received from your dives by purchasing increasingly more sophisticated equipment that permits you to venture
further and further into the Titanic. However, beware the denizens of the deep as you may not be the only visitor to the final
resting place of this mighty vessel!

"Dive to the Titanic is definitely an extremely interesting concept, and a brilliant example of how simulation titles can embrace story lines and be both engaging and technical". 4/5"

Windows XP / Vista / 7
- Processor with 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon MP or equivalent
- 2 GB RAM
- 2 GB free hard drive space
- Nvidia GeForce 86xx or similar ATI graphics card
- DirectX 9.0c
- DVD drive

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