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Data: 30 Wrzesień 2011
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Microsoft Windows XP Black PRO SP3 September/2011 ENG/RUS

Microsoft Windows XP Black PRO SP3 September/2011 ENG/RUS | 797 MB

Windows XP Black PRO SP3 September 2011 - an operating system with automatic updates and 2011.9.15. Integrates all the driver SATA / ACHI, LAN, WLAN, and Chipset. The system is fully tested for validity and can get updates from Microsoft.

* Applications: Address Book, Games, Internet Games, Paint, Pinball
* Multimedia: Images and Backgrounds, Movie Maker, Music Samples, Old CDPlayer and Sound Recorder
* Network: Communication tools, FrontPage Extensions, Internet Information Services (IIS), MSN Explorer, Netmeeting, Outlook Express, Windows Messenger
* Operating System Options: Blaster / Nachi removal tool, Desktop Cleanup Wizard, Out of Box Experience (OOBE), Security Center, Tour, Zip Folders
* Drivers: Display Adapters, IBM ThinkPad, Logitech WingMan, Microsoft SideWinder, Scanners, Serial Pen Tablet, Sony Jog Dial, Toshiba DVD decoder card
* Files: clock.avi, swtchbrd.bmp, yahoo.bmp
* Folders: "DOCS", "DOTNETFX", "SUPPORT", "VALUEADD", "I386 \ WIN9XMIG", "I386 \ WIN9XUPG''
* Nothing has been removed that could cause any System Problems or any Problems with other Software Applications

2011.9.15 Changelog:

* Added Virtual CloneDrive v5.4.5.0.
* Updated DriverPack MassStorage form "v11.07" to "v11.09".
* Updated DriverPack LAN from "v11.01" to "v11.09".
* Updated DriverPack WLAN from "v11.01" to "v11.09".
* Updated Flash Player ActiveX Control form "v10.3.183.5" to "v10.3.183.7".
* Updated Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE) from "v6 Update 26" to "v7".
* Updated Tweak "Suppressing Microsoft Update nagging to install Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool (KB890830)" from "v3.22" to "v4.0".
* Integrated all Windows XP Service Pack 3 Updates form 2011.8.10 till 2011.9.13.


If you are installing the system asks the key - probably to some kind of hardware do not have the necessary drivers and installation went not as planned - then on the output of a clean and without any tweaks Windu, updates, and integrated lotions ... However, in my VirtualBox-e everything fell easily and naturally. The only caveat (probably because of VirtualBox) - a folder SuperCopier2 (a program that displays information about the process of copying files) not established English and had to switch the program into French.

System requirements:
* RAM: 256 Mb
* CPU: Intel Core / Pentium / Celeron / Xeon , AMD K6/AMD Opteron / AMD Phenom / Turion / Athlon / Duron / Sempron 400 Mhz
* VGA: Super VGA 1024x768
* HDD: 1.6 Gb

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