Data: 3 Wrzesień 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

Korg Legacy + Korg Digital 2010 + Keygen

Korg Legacy | Korg Digital | 2010 | Keygen | 176 Mb
The ‘Legacy Collection’ bundle from Korg is an awesome set of virtual instruments! Korg has recreated some of their most beloved and classic synthesizers here as software plug-ins - the MS-20 mono-synth of the 1970's, the super fat Polysix analog synthesizer and the ground breaking Wavestationdigital synthesizer. Using Korg's own CMT (Component /modeling Technology) these virtual instruments sound as good, if not better than the originals. The Legacy collection is simply a must-have for any synthesist. The Limted Edition 84% scale MS-20 replica controller is worth the price alone! This USB/MIDI controller lets you feel like you’re editing and patching on the real thing - and it's compatible with any virtual instrument! The fourth plug-in in the bundle, Legacy Cell allows you to combine the MS-20 & Polysix plug-ins for even more dynamic and exciting sounds! Stand-alone operation via ASIO or Core Audio as well as RTAS and VST/Audio Units make it at home in almost any computer workstation.

- MS-20 v1.2.4
- Polysix v1.2.4
- Mono/Poly v1.0.3
- LegacyCell v1.2.3
- M1 v1.6.3
- MDE-X v1.2.8
Korg Legacy Collection


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