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Data: 17 Sierpień 2011
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Windows 7 SP1 Lite Edition 2011 ENG

Windows 7 SP1 Lite Edition 2011 ENG | 820 MB

Normally the Windows 7 OS would take up about 10 GB of space when you have finished installing it. The Windows 7 Lite edition only takes up 2 to 6 GB after you have finished installing it. That is enough space for you to install Windows 7 Lite on a 8 GB compact flash hard drive. The only thing about Windows Lite is that some of the features that are new in Windows 7 will be removed. You may not have the speech engine which allows you to control your computer with your voice. On the other hand you will have the Windows 7 Aero glass theme and all of the basic things of Windows 7. Of course you will also have the new core parts that are unique to Windows 7 when you install Windows 7 Lite.

Internet Explorer v8
Gadget for Windows 7
Windows media player and its codecs
Windows Firewall
Parental Control
Driver brings normal
The installation is only 1.57 GB (excluding paging and hibernate files)
Image Viewer works correctly
Increased compatibility with programs and games
Does not include:
Drivers (printers scanners sound fax)
Screen Savers
Windows Media Center
Windows DVD maker
Tablet PC
Voice Support
Backup files
Unnecessary Packages
Minimum printing requirements:
CPU: Intel Pentium 3 1.8 GHz
1. Burn BOOTMENU.iso (this disc 1)
2. Burn 02940.iso (this disc 2)
3. Boot computer with BOOTMENU disk in and it will auto boot to menu
4. Hit option 3 and it should start Norton Ghost
5. It should be automatic from there...
6. When it asks for the other partition then insert disc 2 and browse if it does not auto find it and continue
7. Will take about 20 minutes to finish and it will boot straight to Windows 7 after that...

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