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Autor: Zipp8106
Data: 17 Sierpień 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

Windows XP Professional x64 Edition SP2 SATA AHCI UpdatePack 110817

Windows XP Professional x64 Edition SP2 SATA AHCI UpdatePack 110817 | 1.24 GB
About the program: Building on the basis XP Professional x64 Edition SP2 Volume MSDN en-US

5er_UpdatePack_XPx64SP2_2011-08_1 and 5er_IE8_Addon_2011-08_1_x64, as well as critical updates from Update on 17.07.2011, MassStorage_x64_11.7.20 (packet driver SATA AHCI), WMP11,
DirectX 9.0 (06.2010), added to Sidebar (gadgets all work), 2 threads, SilverLight, search engines, pre-configure the system, facilitated by XnView - instead of scissors. The yield on the desktop in English, just select the IP, Language and Region - all Russian and then log off and then run the crack WMP 11 on your desktop and then delete it (screenshots 1-4). Can be installed from a flash drive, the disk in your Z-USB everything you need to write the bootable flash drive 2 GB, with the instruction.

Additional Information:
The key input is not necessary. Goes to the desktop with the name Administrator, all that is required - is to specify the disk on which to set and select Format NTFS Quik. During the installation of three pop up Security Alert, on his request answered in the affirmative - YES (no libraries are not a patch).

Added a small program - Defragler, Registry Life, StartUp Manager, HomeChinema, Total, Aida, 7-Zip, WinRAR, UltraISO, XnView, Gismeteo, StopPC.

From the folder Z-DOTNETFX CD can be installed additionally:
Net.Framework 3.5 SP1 x64 - expansion of the system for programming
Net.Framework 4.0 x64 - expansion of the system for programming, before installing run WIC_X64_ENU.EXE from the same folder (visualization).

- Install only outright from the CD-ROM from the DOS!

MD5: E807B7D76BB3FB2245E35D1D1387E44B
SHA-1: 604FF1C21424130726E17986D5549EBA8A7151E1
CRC32: C66E43CD

On file:
Enabling | reg code: not required
Language: English, Russian

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